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Who has switched over to this and is it worth doing? Do you have to wait to be notified that you can first? I don't think I've received a notification. One feature I heard about that intrigued me was the possibility of adding tags to posts. I haven't seen tags on anyone's blogs yet though, so I'm not sure if it is functional.

Thanks in advance for any info or tips anyone is willing to share.


Scaramouche Jones said...

I hear romours that they have lots of problems with it still

cmpalmer said...

I've switched over, but I haven't really explored the new features yet. They seem to have the comment bug worked out (I think). The best feature so far is pretty simple - when you click Publish, you don't have to wait - your post shows up immediately...

Oops, I spoke too soon - I can't comment using my old blogger login, so I'm doing it semi-anonymously.

victoria winters said...

Yeah, I switched about a month ago. The benefits are tagging your posts and making easy changes without using html codes. I haven't used either of these 2 features, though, because I learned html codes while designing my site and don't want to loose it by transfering over to that system. So it's totally the same to use - the only difference I have is having trouble leaving comments on non beta blogger sites unless they let "anonymous" or "other" people post comments (like, thankfully, you do).

Anonymous said...

Con: ARGH! I just left a long comment about how I'd switched and now am not able to comment. It didn't take, of course. Lots of little glitches.

Pro: It'll work out, the tags, and a new flickr feature I still haven't used.

Joanne said...

I want to since I noticed that I could log in either way, but I guess I am nervous about losing all the posts and such on my current one. (Mostly since I'm neurotic and distrustful. :) )

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