Happy Squirrel Appreciation Day!

I'm not kidding. January 21st is Squirrel Appreciation Day. I love squirrels, in spite of the fact that they dug up most of the plants I tried growing last year. They are one of my favorite photography subjects and are quite entertaining. My dogs, especially Little Guy, do not think so highly of the critters. They have a pretty adversarial, and noisy, relationship.

Yummy Peanut

I stumbled upon something pretty cool called Project Squirrel. Basically, you can observe squirrels in your neighborhood, at work, in the park, wherever and then fill out some simple data in an online survey. I figure that since I tend to watch the critters in my yard quite frequently, I might as well participate. Who's with me? You too can become a Citizen Scientist!


A Heart Full Of Love

We met her on New Year's Day in 1993 and she chose us as her new family. She was a playful, mischievous and smart as a whip. She grew and learned a lot in those first two years and then traveled by car with us on a move from the East Coast to the West Coast. We stopped along the way and held her up to look out over the Grand Canyon, which didn't really seem to impress her.

Puppy Girl

We all adjusted to life in L.A. quite quickly. While there were no windows in our apartment low enough for her to look out of, there were no thunderstorms either, which was a very good thing. Soon enough, we were able to get a yard for her, complete with her own door already in place. There was also a window right by the love seat that had a perfect view.
In a few years time, the family grew, not once but twice. The first time was a huge adjustment for someone who had been queen of the castle for seven years. It went a little more smoothly the second time and in the end, it all worked out just fine. The group of us had lots of good times outdoors in the back yard, on the hiking trails, at the beach, and up in the mountains. Parties and celebrations were often inclusive and were lots of fun. She loved to scavenge for crumbs.

Tired Dogs
Little Guy, Rusty, & Cosette resting after a hike to
Rainbow Falls near Mammoth, CA
July 2002

For the most part, she had a very healthy life. Five years ago, we had a big scare when she was diagnosed with cancer and had to have a major surgery. She surprised us by recovering quite well. Other illnesses along the way could never keep her down for long. She was too feisty.

<span class=

We were thrilled when she made it to 17! What an accomplishment! We didn't take a single day for granted and hugged and loved her as much as we could. She loved Christmas and even though she wasn't feeling very well this last one, she joined us when we opened presents. Our last days with her were difficult and sad, but we got to spend a lot of time with her and really say goodbye. We were fortunate to have that very special time. It was quite beautiful in many ways.

Little Guy & Cosette
Little Guy and Cosette
Christmas 2009

There are so many stories and so many photos (lots to still be scanned) that we have from Cosette's long 17 years of life. I wish I could share all of them. We are so lucky that we were able to love her for so long. We have so many great memories to help fill the holes left in our hearts.

Cosette, our forever Puppy Girl


We're Talking Major Pizza Attack Here, Dudes!

This is one of my favorite people in the entire world. He loves dogs and Duran Duran, so how could we not get along? I'm not sure when exactly this photo was taken, but it was around 20 years ago.

It blows my mind that my brother Scott turned 27 years old today. What? How did that happen? I chatted with him on the phone earlier and we quoted the 1990 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie (or "Turtles 1" as we call it) and laughed. He had a great birthday and I miss him like crazy.


Sometime soon I plan to write a proper tribute, but wanted to let those of you who might not know that our sweet Cosette is no longer with us. We were lucky to have her in our family for 17 years.


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