Happy Pawlidays!

From me and my pets to you and yours...


A single gentle rain makes the grass many shades greener...

Thoreau may have waxed poetic about the rain, but personally, I find it annoying and inconvenient. I have acclimated to the normally sunny Southern California weather and am having trouble dealing with our current deluge. I don't know how folks living in the Pacific Northwest do it. I'm not sure I'd survive.

It's true that the rain does make the grass greener. In fact, it produces grass in our back yard, which spends a good part of the year being brown and dusty.


This photo of our sweet Cosette was taken in November of 2006, before the rainy season. Notice the "yard" behind her (and Rusty and Little Guy!) Pretty desolate.

I took this photo yesterday during a brief break in the rain after convincing Little Guy to take a potty break. I imagine that once this rain is done, we'll have twice as much green back there as we do right now. Luckily, I cut it a few days ago as it was growing pretty well from some other recent rain. The dogs and I will be thrilled when the storms are gone though, just as Cosette always was. Damn, I miss her.


Ho Ho Honey

For many years we've taken Rusty with us to the Toluca Lake Holiday Open House, which happens the first weekend of December. All of the businesses along Riverside Drive stay open and many offer treats and warm beverages. There's a tree lighting, bagpipers, Santa Claus and more. Many of the restaurants give out delicious samples and you can always count on Trader Joe's to share some pfeffernüsse.

We typically dress Rusty up in his Santa outfit. This year, we decided to bring Honey along and found an old sweater and holiday scarf of Little Guy's for her to wear. She kind of had a Mrs. Claus vibe going. They were quite popular and were photographed quite a bit. I didn't bring my camera, so wanted to capture the cuteness when we got home before going in and removing the costumes.

Honey's First Holiday Festival

The results were less than stellar and the one above is about the best one I got. As is par for the course, I had a hard time capturing Honey in a moment of stillness. Below is how most of the photos turned out. Rusty, posing like a good little dog, and Honey, a blur of constant motion!

The Spaz in Action

Honey was superbly behaved during our outing. We weren't sure how she would do as the festival is always very crowded. She handled herself quite well and didn't bark even one time. (That's a feat, people). I thought for sure that she'd flip over the Great Dane we ran into or maybe even the bagpipes. She wasn't thrilled with very loud drums, but just hurried up her pace a little instead of freaking out.

This funny little dog might be a spaz, but she is also quite loveable. Honey definitely knows she is part of our family and genuinely seems to be happy. She was ecstatic when I recently returned home from vacation, which pleased me to no end.

Hopefully, we'll be able to trust her one of these days to not eat any random item she encounters, such as socks, hair elastics, flash drives...

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