Gimme An RC Cola and a MoonPie

Sure, I've talked about my redneck past here before. As hard as I try to escape it, once again it rears its ugly head. I won't go into the whole story, but at some point in the not too distant past, my parents did a stint in Mobile, Alabama and got involved in the local Mardi Gras culture. One of the hallmarks of the oldest Fat Tuesday celebration in the country is the throwing of the MoonPie® at the various parades.

If you aren't familiar with the Southern delicacy that is the MoonPie®, you may or may not be missing out, depending on what you like. I don't know why, but I love them even though they are kind of dry. MoonPies® do go down better with an RC® Cola, but I didn't have one of those handy. While I prefer the classic chocolate pie, they also come in vanilla and banana. Apparently, there is even one with peanut butter now, but I haven't had those yet. And we can't forget the smaller minis.

MoonPies For Mardi Gras

I arrived home to a box full of these and having not eaten all day, wolfed two of them down. Ahem. They were tasty, but I might have to pawn the bulk of them off on my co-workers. After I eat a few more that is. I'm a teeny bit embarrassed posting this after Jenn's post about posh Beverly Hills bakeries. Oh well, I've never been accused of having good taste.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go round up the 14 dogs living under my porch, clean my gun rack, and go on a date with my brother. I sure do hope one of the rusted out pickup trucks on the front lawn starts.

Dogs Love Popcorn

Nom Nom Nom

8/52: Cosette


That'll Do, Pig. That'll Do.

RIP Penny
RIP Penny

Penny was with me for only four short months. She taught me a lot about guinea pigs. It took some time, but we really started bonding and I got pretty attached to her. I never knew Penny's history except that she'd been passed along to various homes. She was not getting very good care by the owner just prior to me, so I feel good that I gave her good quality of life.

Penny was doing very well up until this morning when she showed signs of serious illness. Guinea pigs hide their symptoms until they are very ill, so I had a feeling it might be bad. We saw a new, compassionate vet. Penny had an enlarged heart or a tumor in her chest with very little lung capacity. She's always had labored breathing and this might explain the respiratory event she had last month. It was a hard decision I had to make, but I know I made the right one and that she is no longer suffering.

I miss her already.


1 Month Update

Little Guy had his 1-month follow up appointment with the surgeon this morning. The doctor is very pleased with his healing up to this point. The collar is off, which will hopefully help his grumpy mood improve.

1 Month Post Op

He has one more month of strict activity restriction, aka doggy jail. If all is still well at that point, he'll move into the next phase of recovery, which is one month of gradual return to "normal" activity. I have a feeling it take a bit longer for Guy as his left rear leg muscles were quite atrophied before the surgery due to him not really using that extremity much.

Overall, it's all good news and my efforts at being very strict at minimizing standing, walking, etc. are paying off thus far.


Post Op Day 24 Haiku

6/52: Little Guy

Still in doggy jail
That's why I have a sad face
Hope to get out soon

*Little Guy continues to recover well from his surgery. He's very bored though and pretty grumpy to be confined with strict limits set on his activity. He goes back to see the doctor on Friday for a 1-month follow-up. And then it will be only 2 to 6 weeks more of dog rest.


Michael: Kevin, we are a family here and Phyllis is a valued member of that family.
Like a grandmother.

A little over 38 years ago, I posed with four other women in my family for a local West Virginia newspaper. I was only a month old, at the most, but how cool is that to have five generations alive all at the same time? I don't remember my great-great grandmother, but do have fond childhood memories of visiting my great-grandmother at her home a couple of times.

My grandmother and mother are still alive (my mom was only 18 here). And oh boy do I have plenty of memories of my Mom's mom. As kids growing up in Virginia, my sister and I spent a lot of time with her. We were never allowed to call her "grandma" or any of the affectionate nicknames given to grandparents, but have always addressed her by her last name.

I could go on and on and probably even do one of those annoying 25 Things lists about her, but will not. While I will find a lot of it funny, and perhaps even endearing in its own twisted way, I'm sure I'd be accused of meanness. Let's just say she is quite a unique character.

Five Generations
Click on photo if you want to go to flickr and see notes.
My grandmother and great grandmother are switched in the text.

Hopefully this bodes well for my longevity.


This Is Terrible, But Funny, But Mostly Terrible.

Hamster Suspect In Girl's Abduction? What?


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