Lois: Chris, what happened to the couch? Chris: Dad dragged it out on the lawn because he said "that's what rednecks do!"

Yep, we still have a couch in front of our house. It's no longer on the porch--thanks to a nasty note from the mailman. However, it's not quite on our lawn, but has been taking up residence in our driveway, in front of the garage. I think when we are parked there you can't even see it from the street.

When it rained recently, I'd covered it with a thick plastic. Well, it got wet anyway so we uncovered it in hopes of it drying out in the few no-rain days we had. It got pretty cold that night and a light covering of ice formed on it. It never completely dried and now it's covered again for the rain that returned.

The reason the couch has remained is that there really is no way to move it into the space we had hoped to. And now it's wet and probably moldy. Ew. So, we will be the ones that have to take care of getting it picked up by a charity or putting it up on Freecycle.

Um, anyone want a wet, moldy, and a little bit furry couch?


Anonymous said...

What was the mailman being nasty about?

Will Campbell said...

If you can't get it to a charity and you're in LA, you can schedule a bulky item pick-up with the Bureau of Sanitation:

Anonymous said...

Aww, sad that it would not fit your space. They usually end up becoming a pet haven place if left long enough. All sorts of creatures start to make it home.

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