The Madness Hamsters


Good things come to those who wait. A bag of hamsters arrived in the mail for me today. Belated holiday gifts are the best! I've had Edward Monkton's "Madness Hamsters" as my laptop wallpaper for a couple of weeks now. Not only is the above merchandise super-cute, but the big one has a wheat bag inside you can microwave and use as a 'bed warmer.' My aching neck is gonna love it! Nothing says 'Happy Holidays' like zombie hamsters!!!

The "Madness" Hamsters
by Edward Monkton

Every night they visit you
Every night they come
And bit by bit
They steal your brain
And feed it to their Mum


Anonymous said...

He he he ... too cool!

Bart said...

Yes, but do they sing "Our House"?

Jodi said...

@Bart--if only, if only...I'd be calling in sick from work today!

Anonymous said...

"A bag of hamsters arrived in the mail today."

I just threw up in my mouth.

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