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I told Ren in person most of what I was going to say here, so I don't really need to write it down. Basically, I also listen to podcasts in my car. But not really podcasts, more like NPR shows I download when I miss them over the weekend. Between that & my four songs, I', yeah.

The original post did contain one of the most ridiculous sentences I've ever written:
I had another nerdgasm this week when Peter Sagal tweeted back at me for the second time!


I Love Pop Music, Sprinkle Sugar Through It, Philosophy That You Can Dance To

Right now I'm obsessed with four particular songs that don't really have too much in common. One of them kind of makes sense, but the others don't. None of them are current, but they are indeed on an iPod playlist, which repeats multiple times a day (for now) whenever I'm in the car. It's one of those "On The Go" playlists, which I just figured out how to make. Now I don't remember how to do it though and have accidentally added multiple copies of another song I don't want on the list.
  • "Do What You Want" by OK Go (2006)-a great rock song to wake me up in the morning. Not surprisingly, there are several videos for this one tune.
  • "Such Great Heights" by The Postal Service (2003)-thank you Ren for introducing me to these guys oh so many years ago. Most new bands I discover are through Ren. I'm still not sure how to find these things out when radio sucks and I don't have the chance to listen to music on the internet very often.
  • "Miss America" by David Byrne (1997)-upbeat song with cynical lyrics. You can dance to it.
I do have a few more playlists. One is Hippie Music, which has 70 songs from people like Mamas & The Papas, Procol Harum, and Electric Prunes. I made this from some compilation cds we have of songs from the 60's. It was the pre-show entertainment for a drive-in E was doing recently.

I made a couple of other playlists, on purpose. I'll share, just because I want to.

L.A. Songs: I made this for research when I was working on a few posts for an L.A. Metblogs series on songs about our city. The ones I ended up profiling have a link.
  • "Ventura Highway" by America (1972)-while this is a great driving song, I decided it wasn't necessarily about L.A.
  • "Electrolite" by R.E.M. (1997)
  • "Can't Take This Town" by Colin Hay (1992)
  • "Free Fallin'" by Tom Petty (1989)-this is a pre-L.A. song for me. I still think it's fun when this comes on and I'm driving on Ventura Boulevard.
  • "Valley Girl" by Frank and Moon Unit Zappa (1982)
If you want to see what I've included on Upbeat Fun, read on after the jump.


Country Veterinary Clinic, This Is Pam...*

I was searching through some older posts to link in one I'm currently writing and a few titles of unpublished drafts caught my eye. I'm not even sure what most of these were going to be.
  • 7-I *think* this was possibly going to be a post about Duran Duran, back in '06.
  • re'iojoijlk;m-Um, I have no idea. Either I was briefly fluent in another language or I fell asleep while typing. The second is far more feasible.
  • I like my mangatar thankyouverymuch-The bizarre thing about this one is that I wrote a couple of paragraphs, but of completely unrelated things. Guess that's why it's still a draft.
  • Twilight Poll-WHAT. I'm not sure why or what. There is no poll there and really, I don't want to know anyone's anything about sparkly vampires.
...and my favorite:
  • Guinea Pigs, Hobbits, and Jason Ho-Again, I have no idea. I like guinea pigs, hobbits, and Jason Ho, but I'm not sure how they are connected!
*Yep, this was one too. Assuming some The Office reference, but again, not really sure.


I Bore Myself In Broad Daylight

I've started a few posts here that I just can't get through. Maybe because they are so boring. They all seem to be about music, but nothing interesting about music...I Like Live Music or These Are The Songs Currently in Heavy Rotation On My iPod. Ugh...BOR.ING. I have this itch to write something, but I don't know WHAT I want to say.

See, even this is boring. I don't blame you if you've nodded off or clicked away and not even made it this far. If you have, in lieu of coming up with my own topic, feel free to suggest something in the comments. You can ask a question or recommend a subject. Yes, I'm using you for inspiration.

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