Country Veterinary Clinic, This Is Pam...*

I was searching through some older posts to link in one I'm currently writing and a few titles of unpublished drafts caught my eye. I'm not even sure what most of these were going to be.
  • 7-I *think* this was possibly going to be a post about Duran Duran, back in '06.
  • re'iojoijlk;m-Um, I have no idea. Either I was briefly fluent in another language or I fell asleep while typing. The second is far more feasible.
  • I like my mangatar thankyouverymuch-The bizarre thing about this one is that I wrote a couple of paragraphs, but of completely unrelated things. Guess that's why it's still a draft.
  • Twilight Poll-WHAT. I'm not sure why or what. There is no poll there and really, I don't want to know anyone's anything about sparkly vampires.
...and my favorite:
  • Guinea Pigs, Hobbits, and Jason Ho-Again, I have no idea. I like guinea pigs, hobbits, and Jason Ho, but I'm not sure how they are connected!
*Yep, this was one too. Assuming some The Office reference, but again, not really sure.


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