I Bore Myself In Broad Daylight

I've started a few posts here that I just can't get through. Maybe because they are so boring. They all seem to be about music, but nothing interesting about music...I Like Live Music or These Are The Songs Currently in Heavy Rotation On My iPod. Ugh...BOR.ING. I have this itch to write something, but I don't know WHAT I want to say.

See, even this is boring. I don't blame you if you've nodded off or clicked away and not even made it this far. If you have, in lieu of coming up with my own topic, feel free to suggest something in the comments. You can ask a question or recommend a subject. Yes, I'm using you for inspiration.


ren said...

to be honest, i always like to hear what songs people are currently listening to. and it opens a dialogue. people tend to chime in that they love that song or have never heard of that band. but, i am also the person who likes to hear what you had for lunch today.

but you are always out and about, tell us some of your adventures in the big bad world! ...or just tell us what's on your ipod.

Will Campbell said...

Just blog, baby. As someone who doesn't hesitate to risk boring people to death on my blog I speak with a certain authority when I suggest: don't write for anyone but yourself.

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