My Dogs Rule

Did you know that more than 4 million dogs wind up homeless each year? To help shine a spotlight on the plight of these homeless dogs, Pedigree created The Pedigree® Adoption Drive.

For this post & every other one posted by 12am ET tonight, Pedigree® will donate a bag of food to nationwide shelters. It’s simple: Write a post, help a dog.

My own dogs were all once homeless. It will be 10 years next month since Little Guy joined our family. We found him at the East Valley Shelter in Los Angeles. He was sick and a mess, but cleaned up pretty well. We don't know his history--he was found wondering the mean streets, but didn't seem to have been treated very well. I think he's glad we took him in. 

14/52: Little Guy
Little Guy

We rescued both Rusty and Honey from groups who had gotten them out of shelters. Rusty was a day away from euthanasia and Honey was abandoned while pregnant, as the rescuers were surprised to find a new litter of pups when they pulled her from her cage. Rusty had another home before us and was a "terrible dog," per that owner. Anyone who has met Rusty, a registered Therapy Dog, will tell you that he is the opposite. He has been a welcome addition to our family for the past 9+ years. 

The Spaz & The Teddy Bear
Honey & Rusty in Cambria, CA

Honey is the newest member of our pack and has lived with us for almost 5 months. She is a complete spaz and completely lovable. Mischievous yes, but a quick learner too. 


Sun Setting On Summer

Sunset over the Pacific
Cambria, CA

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