This May Make My Year

So, not only do I seem to have a reason to watch (at least the opening of) The Grammys this year, but I may have a chance at fulfilling a life goal of seeing The Police perform live together, if they decide to tour. It's not the same as it would have been back in 1982, but it will do.


Numbers Dance

  • Miles we drove to and from Park City, Utah: 1, 399
  • Mountain goats seen on the side of the road in Utah: 3
  • Cowboys spotted herding cattle: 1
  • New tires we bought in Beaver, Utah: 4
  • Total number of people staying in our condo: 11
  • Condomates who became very ill: 4
  • Feature films that E and I watched: 11*
  • Shorts programs we attended: 2
  • Number of short films in each program that were good: 3
  • Celebrity sightings: 1
  • Free tickets that E and I got for screenings: 5
  • Number of times I was called a 'stupid whore': 1
  • Inches of snowfall in Park City during our stay: 0
*I'm short on time right now, but I will post info on the films we saw soon.


Still in Utah...still fact I'm scamming some free Wi-fi, but sort of sitting outside so I don't think I can muster up any kind of update or decent post yet. I saw a couple of good films today and am hoping to get in to another one at midnight tonight. Toes and fingers going numb.

Wimpy SoCal girl...out.


Live From Park City

We made it to Utah. It is cold, as expected. And I am tired. I also have very limited battery and am using the free Wi-Fi at Albertson's (grocery store). At some point I'll be connected near an outlet, will post some photos of snow, and will have possibly seen a film or two to report on.


I Give You Hamster

As I dive in to final preparations for my trip to Park City, Utah tomorrow, I'll just make a brief, hamster-related post. My research shows that my hamster blog entries garner the most comments. Go figure.

While the dogs were all in their crates last night, allowing their flea medicine to dry, Ami and I spent some quality time together. He's a funny little rodent and true to his breed, just wants to escape and run free.

I Love This Face

If you want to read some interesting hamster stories, there is a great blog post which links to BBC News Hamster Stories from 1998 to present.


Tivo Don't Fail Me Now

Our Tivo has been misbehaving. It randomly won't record a show as it has been scheduled to. Apparently, it's a issue that other people who have DirecTV Tivo units. A few weeks ago, I wouldn't have cared as much. But now, several shows I really like and watch have started, or will be starting soon, and I'm going out of town. So, hopefully, Tivo will record 24, Extras, Battlestar Galactica, and Studio 60 or I will get really cranky.

Yes, crankier than usual.


My List Runneth Over

I'm officially on vacation and feel more stressed out than ever. I thought making a list of everything I have to do, clean, and buy before leaving for Utah on Monday would calm me and help me focus. It has wigged me out even more, leaving me feeling overwhelmed and like curling up in a ball.

I will not do that though. I have a few errands to run and even though the sneeze-inducing wind is blowing, it is sunny and beautiful outside. I think getting out, driving around a bit, playing with the dogs in the yard, and possibly even photographing the squirrels may be the pick-me-up I need.

That, a Diet Coke, and a Peppermint Pattie.


(Not So) Naughty Naughty Kiefer

No, there was no touching and no alcohol involved (a couple of people asked!)...and it wasn't naughty at all, but almost four years ago, I shared a brief "moment" with Kiefer Sutherland. I met him at the MTR's 2003 William S. Paley Television Festival, which I've written about here before.

I'm not ashamed to admit that I became a big fan of Mr. Sutherland through 24. When the show first aired in November of 2001, I didn't even watch it. For some reason, we decided to record and watch a marathon of the entire Day 1, which ran Labor Day weekend of 2002. I was hooked. I couldn't wait for the next hour and I couldn't help but notice that Kiefer was more intense, sexier, and more mature* than in other roles he's been in.

Since 24 became such a popular show, it was no surprise that it was part of the 2003 Paley Festival line up. I knew from previous experience that the cast members on the panel will occasionally hang around for autographs and photos after the discussion. I was also well aware that it was not guaranteed and sometimes they leave immediately. Hardcore fans attend the event, from all over the country, and many come prepared with glossy 8x10 photos, t-shirts, or posters to have signed.

Not only did I not have any Jack Bauer or other 24 memorabilia to take with me, I like to be different anyway and thought it would be kind of funny to bring this children's book I have that's called Naughty Naughty Kiefer. It's the story of a naughty orange cat, Kiefer, who leaves "gifts" and "presents" for his family all over the house.**


When it was apparent that the cast would be greeting fans, I queued up with everyone else. Although I like many of the other actors who were on the show at the time, I was only interested in getting to Kiefer. And then it happened...our moment. I can't remember exactly what I said, if anything coherent, but when he saw the book, he smiled and laughed and said, "My daughter gave me this book!" I asked if he'd be willing to sign it, which he was. I'm sure I babbled more, but what I remember most is making eye contact and his smile. He was gracious and I appreciated that.


So that's my story. I'm not really the stalker type, but I have determined through various articles and interviews that Kiefer lives very close to where I work. Like I said though, it's not like I'll act on that knowledge.

*When I say mature, I am referring to his acting. I'd be hard pressed to use that term after seeing Kiefer's "performance" in I Trust You To Kill Me. Let's just put it this way: Kiefer-1; Christmas Tree-0.

**One of my naughty, naughty pets left me a "present" just a bit ago. If only it had been nicely gift-wrapped with a bow and smelled nicer, I probably would have been more appreciative.


Scenes From A SoCal Morning




Okay, so I know it looks like nothing compared to the major ice and snow photos I've seen from other places, but remember...this is Los Angeles! I decided to spare you the photos of my finger that turned completely white and numb--a cold-induced circulation issue I've been dealing with lately.

Coming Soon: My moment with Kiefer Sutherland (almost 4 years ago).

Give Me Your Paw

This photo of Ami* makes me smile.

I'm still bitter about the weather and will later post photos of the ICE that was on my car and driveway this morning. ICE. Call me a wimp, I don't care, but this is unacceptable for Los Angeles. I will also explain, possibly with photos, why I'm having such a hard time in the cold right now.

*Yes, Mom, I washed my hands after handling the filthy little rodent!


It's Hard To Type While Wearing Gloves

I don't know what's different this winter. Is it really that much colder than it has been the previous 11 years in Southern California or has my blood finally finished thinning out? I even broke down and turned the heat on last night, but still had to sleep in, and am currently wearing, gloves. My house is very old and drafty, but this is ridiculous. What would I do if I lived in Oklahoma or Seattle? More importantly, what am I going to do when I get to Utah in a little over a week? I've done okay the past two years, but am a little concerned about tolerating the cold this time. Wish me luck.

On the sunny side, while tomorrow is a "holiday" for many people, I will be enjoying the lighter traffic on my drive to work for the first day of my last week before vacation. In spite of not traveling somewhere warm and tropical, I am completely looking forward to my two weeks off. We'll be making our annual trip to the second week of the Sundance Film Festival. I had such a good time the past couple of years, so I'm really looking forward to it. Except for the cold air and snow thing. I will also have some days before and after the trip at home, which will be very nice.

I have had a good weekend. I've done a lot of sleeping, reading, and seeing some good friends I haven't seen for a long time. I plan to cap it all off with the season premiere of 24. Well, once E gets home in a couple of hours. Meanwhile, I think I'll go crawl under the covers for a while.


Happy Birthday Scott!

Happy 24th Birthday to my older younger brother, Scott!
I hope he gets to go to a lot of 80's hair band concerts this year.


A Good Read

This probably isn't a good way to get National De-lurking Week* comments, but I just have to recommend this book. To the one or two of you who might enjoy it. Some of you may have kids that would like it, as it is technically for them. Even though I'm not a parent, I love children's books and have collected quite a few. This one was high on my wish list and E found a used copy for me.

I, Freddy
I, Freddy by Dietlof Reiche

I, Freddy is the first of five in a series by a German author. It's the story of Freddy, a golden hamster (like Ami!) who is quite precocious. His adventures, which include learning to read and befriending a tomcat and two smelly guinea pigs, are described from his point of view. I laughed out loud a lot. It's clever and, though I hate to use the word, precious.

Now I just need to get my hands on the rest of the series!

*That was supposed to be a hint for anyone lurking here to say 'hi!'


Bloggers Block

This is pretty much how I feel today.

I Still Make This Face

Yes, that's me, about 26 years ago. And yes, I still make that face. I was upset by the awful hair that resulted from sleeping in pink fuzzy rollers. Well, I was upset that I had to go out in public like that.


Veggie Time

The one pet who is behaving himself tonight.
Maybe my dogs can learn something from a hamster.


Dorks R Us

This past Saturday was the monthly Dorkbot SoCal meeting. People are encouraged to bring projects they have done, so E brought along a couple of things to share. You can check out two of his projects, the blue tooth "old school" handset and the cross-century 3D viewer at

E will actually be curating a program related to 3D imaging for the March Dorkbot. Some of his expert friends will be presenting along with him.

In the meantime, we registered for Dorkbake, in which we have to design a device that will cook food with a 100-watt bulb. E has pretty much come up with a design and the initial tests are promising. We are just waiting for the mandated list of ingredients to start experimenting with recipes.


Signs Of Aging

I'm not talking so much about the crows feet I've been rapidly developing over the past few years or even my failing memory, but more about a couple of recent, specific occurrences.

I recently purchased an old-school Atari® games plug-and-play device. I was taken aback by the exclamation that it's, "A blast from Mom & Dad's past!" I guess that yeah, I am old enough to have kids who would be old enough to play with this toy. I don't like to think about that though.

The other thing that made me feel old was the need I had to take a 2-hour nap prior to attending a midnight comedy show. What's up with that?



I ''let'' Ami escape, at least briefly, from his temporary holding pen while his regular habitat was drying. Look how he squishes up his face when I grab him...too cute! He looks really fat and fluffy. I'm thinking he maybe has some sort of "winter coat," but I'm still learning about this type of pet.

I just thought Jenn needed more hamster!


The 2006 That Was

Happy New Year!

I'm borrowing the idea of a year-in-review post with photos from a certain Ambitious Hamster. I hope she doesn't mind.


Eric and Jodi <span onclick=

Having missed our annual Thanksgiving at Disneyland in 2005, Eric and I spent the first day of 2006 at the Happiest Place on Earth. We also made a trip to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The ASIMO demo was fantastic. I won a plush one!

#36More Snow

The end of the month meant a long drive to Park City, Utah for our second year attending the Sundance Film Festival. Once again, we had a really good time even though I unfortunately lost my Jack Skellington hat there.


Dr. Peepers

I volunteered at a Darwin Day celebration. So did Dr. Peepers (above).

Ami Peeking Out My New Camera

On Valentine's Day my hamster, Ami, came to live with me. We thought he was a girl. For our 11th anniversary, E gave me my Sony H1 camera.


Jamie <span onclick=Katee <span onclick=

We attended several evenings of the William S. Paley Television Festival.

Ben Lee

Ben Lee performed an intimate show at The Silent Movie Theatre. I was glad I got to be there.


Ray Bradbury

I went to an event where Ray Bradbury spoke.

Hamster Power

Ami got a motorcycle.

The Aftermath

I made an Egg Peepunny (probably my first and last).


Rusty and <span onclick=

Rusty and I went to Nuts for Mutts with our friend Hidalgo.


I spent an afternoon with a friend I hadn't seen for 20 years.

Hamster Ball Derby!

Ami participated in, and won, his first Hamster Ball Derby.


The Drive-in That Drives In

I helped Eric at one of his Hollywood MOBile MOVie drive-ins.

<span onclick=

We also attended the outdoor DogFest Film Festival with Rusty.


Popcorn Fountain

Philippe Neon

We took in some movies at the L.A. Film Fest and went on a Neon Tour of Los Angeles.

Hamster Haiku Tired Girl Collective

I self-published a book, Hamster Haiku, that I sold with the Tired Girl Collective at the San Diego Comic Con.

Darth Vera

My photo of Darth Vera from Comic Con was linked on Boing Boing.
(The funny thing is that I just recently found out the person in the costume is an acquaintance of mine!)


Stewart Copeland

We went to a screening of Everyone Stares: The Police Inside Out, with a Q&A with Stewart Copeland.


Hollywood Bowl Fireworks Finale

We said goodbye to John Mauceri at the Hollywood Bowl's Fireworks Finale.

Ami And His Blue Ribbon

Ami defended his Hamster Ball Derby title at the local Petco!

My New Ride

I got a new car, which I still haven't taken a better photo of!



The month started off with my birthday and dinner at Roscoe's.

Big Bear Lake

We made a trip, with the dogs, to Big Bear Lake.



My sweet Cosette turned 14. You can check out a tribute I did for her here.

Rusty And Me

E, Rusty, and I went to the Doo Dah Parade with some friends.

Pilgrim Mickey

We spent a magical Thanksgiving with friends at Disneyland.

<span onclick=There's Nothing Left That Won't Cross Over

Barenaked Ladies rocked my socks off!
(And I got my second link on Boing Boing--technically in December!)


The 'Rents

Spent some quality time in Las Vegas with my parents.

Hello Kitty & Me
Photo by Eric.

I met Hello Kitty.

Magical Christmas Caroling TruckSnowy Santa

I enjoyed the holidays with the Magical Christmas Caroling Truck, Eric, and good friends!

There was obviously more to 2006 than I documented here, but these are some of the things I photographed. If you are already here, you know where to find more info. You can also check out my photos on flickr and my photoblog, if you wish. Happy 2007!


Happy 2007

I'm working on a Review-Of-2006 post, but I haven't finished. We ended the year with some fun activities. We went to Slava's Snowshow, a fun and surreal show. It was serious, amusing, and downright bizarre at times. There was also some great audience participation.

On New Year's Eve, we went to the closing night show of Matthew Bourne's Edward Scissorhands. It's an incredible interpretation of the film performed through dance without dialogue. It was quite different from the movie, in many ways, but that didn't bother me. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

After the theater, we went to a party to ring in '07 with friends. And rum.


I hope 2007 is a great year for everyone!


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