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This past Saturday was the monthly Dorkbot SoCal meeting. People are encouraged to bring projects they have done, so E brought along a couple of things to share. You can check out two of his projects, the blue tooth "old school" handset and the cross-century 3D viewer at

E will actually be curating a program related to 3D imaging for the March Dorkbot. Some of his expert friends will be presenting along with him.

In the meantime, we registered for Dorkbake, in which we have to design a device that will cook food with a 100-watt bulb. E has pretty much come up with a design and the initial tests are promising. We are just waiting for the mandated list of ingredients to start experimenting with recipes.


Anonymous said...

I love the bluetooth phone handset. That's really funny.

I saw something like it some time ago where somebody hacked an old desk phone to make it a cell phone. So he could go into Starbucks or whereever and plop it on the table and make calls with it. It was pretty funny, too.

Chris said...

I've got a bluetooth headset that we're not using. I've just got to hit the junk stores and flea markets to find a suitable old phone.

I'd love to do the full phone.

Brenda Griffith said...

Cook with a 100 watt light bulb... You mean like an Easy Bake oven? On a side note, does he read Make magazine?

Jodi said...

Yes, exactly like the Easy Bake. Oh yeah, he loves Make and has a subscription. (0ne of the editors will be one of the judges).

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