Signs Of Aging

I'm not talking so much about the crows feet I've been rapidly developing over the past few years or even my failing memory, but more about a couple of recent, specific occurrences.

I recently purchased an old-school Atari® games plug-and-play device. I was taken aback by the exclamation that it's, "A blast from Mom & Dad's past!" I guess that yeah, I am old enough to have kids who would be old enough to play with this toy. I don't like to think about that though.

The other thing that made me feel old was the need I had to take a 2-hour nap prior to attending a midnight comedy show. What's up with that?


SJ said...

I had a C64... I recently got a dick full of old games. It's great!

Now then - are you too young to remember Manic Miner...? :)

Jodi said...

Well, I actually bought the thing for E. Too young? I doubt it, but I don't really know most of the games just because I wasn't really into them. I know, I know...lame.

Anonymous said...

Yup. That's pretty weird. But hey. It's better than the alternative.

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