Mourning, Victorian Style

We often try to make it up to Faulkner Farm for some autumn and pre-Halloween goodness. With illness, weekend working, and various other obligations, it just wasn't in the cards this year. I'd hoped to go to Disneyland to see their Halloween set-up, but I couldn't fit that in to life either. E and I put our heads together to come up with something.

Luckily, E was feeling a bit more human this past Sunday so we went to the Halloween and Mourning Tour event at Heritage Square Museum. We've visited and toured there before, but this was different and very cool. This time the tour was focused on death and mourning in the Victorian era, the Spiritualism movement, as well as the origins and history of Halloween. Those who know me, know that I'm fascinated by these kinds of things. I got so excited when we were told we'd be viewing some "death photos" and were warned of their graphic nature. I'd hardly call them graphic as the corpses were clothed and posed portrait style or with family members. They looked peaceful. Some of the subjects were children though, which I imagine can be upsetting. *They appear to be asleep.*

Hale House

In several of the buildings, there were scenarios and players in period costumes. We even got to experience some Victorian era "entertainment" (think pre-radio, tv, or internet. Egads!) by listening to a captivating storyteller. Unfortunately, they did not allow any indoor photography, but I did take a few outside.For those in L.A., I recommend visiting this treasure.

Witch's House

Fun and games, Victorian style


A Penny For Your Thoughts

In case you missed it on flickr, I'd like to introduce you to my new pet:

Out and About

Penny Loves Spinach

Penelope the Guinea Pig, aka Penny

A friend asked me last week if I'd be willing to come meet this adorable piggie who her neighbor took in from another neighbor. I have reasons to believe Penny (who was named 'Veronica' before--just didn't seem to fit) was not well-cared for and therefore has a couple of issues. I'm taking her to the vet this week and hopefully all will be well. She's curious & adorable.


This blog temporarily interrupted by dying computer. Hope to be back soon, perhaps with actual content for a change.


Sew...A Needle Pulling Thread

Oops. I truly didn't mean to leave a HEY IT'S MY FREAKIN' BIRTHDAY! post up for so long. Oh well. Life is hectic. I feel like I'm always trying to catch up, all the while worrying about what looms ahead. It leads to not making a lot of progress and procrastination. Oy.

One of the many things occupying my time lately was learning how to use the inexpensive (less than $75), refurbished sewing machine I got a few months ago. I learned the basics--how to thread the machine, how to make simple things like a tote bag, hemming jeans. Damn if I can sew in a very straight line yet though. I think that will come with practice.


I made a very basic, flimsy tote bag (unlined) out of this cute paw print fabric. I may be making a couple of sturdier bags with some fabric I've ordered from Japan for a couple of upcoming craft shows. It's a good thing I got this new skill because I think I've forgotten how to crochet.

When I was coming home from one of the classes, I got my sewing machine out of the car. I have a plastic carrying case for it. An older neighbor was out on the street and said, "Oh, did you just get back from camping?" I said, "No, I was at a sewing class. This is my machine." He said, "Hmm. I didn't know people still did that." Huh?


It's My Birthday Too!

So, Little Guy and I shared a birthday last week. I got lots of birthday wishes and some FABULOUS gifts from a variety of people.

I also got a couple of very generous and already-spent gift cards, a lunch with co-workers, cupcakes, and ice cream cake. I feel fortunate & loved.


Happy Birthday, Grandpa Fluffy Butt!

Now that Little Guy is 12 (since he didn't turn 12 last year, as I originally thought!) he is showing his age. Hence the twice weekly trips to the vet for joint juice injections. I wish I was kidding. Luckily, it will taper down soon.

Little Guy, In A Hole

No matter what his age--we don't really know and the controversy has reared its ugly head again--nope! Solved again by the paperwork...he's "12." Who knows really, as he was found wandering the streets of L.A.

Little Guy, In A Hole

Little Guy is a neurotic, anxious dog, much like his mother! He is really sweet, as long as you are a person. If you are a squirrel or another dog then you can forget it. Sure, he's stinky, but he's soft as a bunny and a great snuggler. Here's a new tag I got him recently as an early birthday gift.


Here's to lots more birthdays with Little Guy, my Middle Guy, Petite Guy, Gaius Baltar, Pupworth J. Crumpet, Payaso, Junior, Geechy Guy, etc. I could go on and on with the nicknames, but I won't!


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