Mourning, Victorian Style

We often try to make it up to Faulkner Farm for some autumn and pre-Halloween goodness. With illness, weekend working, and various other obligations, it just wasn't in the cards this year. I'd hoped to go to Disneyland to see their Halloween set-up, but I couldn't fit that in to life either. E and I put our heads together to come up with something.

Luckily, E was feeling a bit more human this past Sunday so we went to the Halloween and Mourning Tour event at Heritage Square Museum. We've visited and toured there before, but this was different and very cool. This time the tour was focused on death and mourning in the Victorian era, the Spiritualism movement, as well as the origins and history of Halloween. Those who know me, know that I'm fascinated by these kinds of things. I got so excited when we were told we'd be viewing some "death photos" and were warned of their graphic nature. I'd hardly call them graphic as the corpses were clothed and posed portrait style or with family members. They looked peaceful. Some of the subjects were children though, which I imagine can be upsetting. *They appear to be asleep.*

Hale House

In several of the buildings, there were scenarios and players in period costumes. We even got to experience some Victorian era "entertainment" (think pre-radio, tv, or internet. Egads!) by listening to a captivating storyteller. Unfortunately, they did not allow any indoor photography, but I did take a few outside.For those in L.A., I recommend visiting this treasure.

Witch's House

Fun and games, Victorian style


Jen14221 said...

Jodi - how old are you? My friend is from West Chester - Christine Gallatig?

Anonymous said...

Heritage square - awesome. Picture of dead people - ferget it.

Jodi said...

@justjenn: In the photos, the dead people just looked like they were sleeping. I think that's why I was disappointed.

Darlene said...

Photos of dead people are just not my thing. I have a great fear of being around the dead and viewing one would terrorize me.

Anonymous said...

Way cool. I'd love to visit and check it out. Happy Halloween.

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