Happy Birthday, Grandpa Fluffy Butt!

Now that Little Guy is 12 (since he didn't turn 12 last year, as I originally thought!) he is showing his age. Hence the twice weekly trips to the vet for joint juice injections. I wish I was kidding. Luckily, it will taper down soon.

Little Guy, In A Hole

No matter what his age--we don't really know and the controversy has reared its ugly head again--nope! Solved again by the paperwork...he's "12." Who knows really, as he was found wandering the streets of L.A.

Little Guy, In A Hole

Little Guy is a neurotic, anxious dog, much like his mother! He is really sweet, as long as you are a person. If you are a squirrel or another dog then you can forget it. Sure, he's stinky, but he's soft as a bunny and a great snuggler. Here's a new tag I got him recently as an early birthday gift.


Here's to lots more birthdays with Little Guy, my Middle Guy, Petite Guy, Gaius Baltar, Pupworth J. Crumpet, Payaso, Junior, Geechy Guy, etc. I could go on and on with the nicknames, but I won't!


Sizzle said...

That badge is so awesome! I need one for my pup who stands guard on squirrel patrol every day in the yard. What a cute dog you've got there. :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Little Guy!!

Happy birthday Jodi!!

ren said...

aw, happy birthday buddy! i haven't seen him in a while but he's looking great!

TiggerLarue said...

Happy Birthday Little Guy!

Anonymous said...

Hey, he's just a teenager yet. Wow, happy birthday. I'm so glad I'm not the only one with many nicknames for my pet.

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