In Lieu Of A Wrap Up

I'm not sure what I'm going to discuss in any kind of Comic-Con wrap up post. I got very few photos and truthfully, the whole thing is quickly becoming a bit of a blur. I did start making a good/bad list on the drive home yesterday and the good was definitely a lot longer than the bad.

One thing I will share is a cool piece of art E acquired for me. I say 'acquired' because as he was preparing to purchase it, he was told to put his money away as he will be doing a favor for one of the vendors.

There are two things that I love that some of you readers may not know. One is the artist Luke Chueh, who does wonderfully disturbing things with cute bears, monkeys, etc. I just love his style. The second thing I'm confessing my love for is Brian Griffin, the martini-swilling talking dog on Family Guy. I fell in love with this piece last year and now I own a print of it:

Luke Chueh vs. The Family Guy-Brian Griffin

(click to see bigger)

How awesome is that? Look for more Comic-Con info coming soon.



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Of Mice And Midgets

Today's the day. San Diego or bust. Due to my extraordinary skills of procrastination, I feel less ready for the San Diego Comic-Con International than ever before. My panic has started turning to excitement though as there will be friends I only see there once a year and online friends that I get to meet in person. So I'll be up late tonight making stuff in my hotel room while everyone else parties the night away. No biggie.

I will once again be yawning selling with the Tired Girl Collective (Small Press L5, in case you want to visit us). There will be the usual (well, with updates of course) wonderful items that the other girls provide. I'll still be pimping buttons, craft pom pom hamsters, and Hamster Haiku. I also have a couple of new items:

Amigurumi Craft Hamsters

This One Was My Favorite...


My New Book!


Squirrel Sonnets and other Rodent Rhymes is similar to Hamster Haiku. It's all original poetry and photos by me. It should be waiting for me at my hotel in San Diego. If it's not, or if it sucks, I won't be selling it.

I have been challenged by L.A. Metblogger Jason Burns to be photographed with a Darth Vader, a Cylon, and a midget*. Bonus points if we are all holding a drink. I take your challenge, Mr. Burns. We'll see how much time I can get away from the table to pursue this!

In the interest of more shameless self-promotion roll here, I've updated my Etsy site, where craft hamster goodness can be purchased. Also, I have a new site to promote my upcoming comic book Go Ami Go.

*E of course said to me, "Well, could you count as the midget?" Harumph!


A Few Years Ago, Not Very Far Away

The SnarkyDork blog is three years old today! In it's origins, it didn't really have a focus and it still doesn't. I often ask myself, as I think many bloggers do, why do I even do this? It's certainly not to become "an internet celebrity*." So, what do I get out of my online home here on the web?
  • I sometimes share and get feedback on my photography.
  • I've met a lot of cool people and made some real friends who I hang out with in the real world. The internet truly brings people with common interests together and I think that is an amazing thing.
  • Since I've never been consistent at keeping a paper diary, the blog serves as a device to remember things like concerts and film festivals, etc. I obviously don't publish everything that goes on in my life, but a few long-distance family members have commented that they like to be able to read "what I'm up to."
  • I do get to practice writing, which I enjoy. I'm not a great writer, but putting words out in public certainly makes me more conscientious about checking and editing. And reediting. And editing some more.
  • While I don't do it as much as I'd like to, I have an opportunity to give some perspective on life in Los Angeles, my home for the past almost-fourteen years, the place I call home, the city I love.
Well, I'm going to be quiet again. I have A LOT of work to do to prepare for the upcoming Comic-Con. I'm sure I'll get some material out of that experience, which is always lots of fun. So, tell me, why do you blog?

*The latest issue of Wired magazine tells you how to do this, if interested.


How To Piss Off Your Hamster #37

Put him in an adorable Hamtaro bowl that you picked up in Little Tokyo and proceed to take about 20 photos of him. Even bribing him with various treats such as blueberry yogurt balls and banana chips did not seem to brighten his mood! But, how adorable is this? Pretty kawaii, eh?



Where It's At

Tomorrow, this is where I'll be with another Tired Girl, Ren. We'll be selling some crafty kinds of things, so if that interests you, come on by. First 50 people get a bag 'o swag! You can't beat free stuff!



I Want To Be Lazy Like The Dogs In The Yard

I don't have too much to say right now, but didn't want to leave this space blank for too long. I'll give you some links, in the meantime. I didn't plan this beforehand, but all of the links are dog-related.

Cosette continues to bemoan the collar she has to wear. We're still amused at her expense. Hopefully it won't be for much longer.

Nina aka The Slackmistress shared a wonderful story on what became of the dogs who lived on Michael Vick's property. It's an encouraging story and one we can all learn life lessons from.

A woman in China has set up a private shelter for dogs who survived the recent devastating earthquake. (from the L.A. Times via L.A. Unleashed)

Last night we gathered with some friends to watch the premiere episodes of Click & Clack: As The Wrench Turns. It's a new animated series on PBS, based on the beloved hosts of NPR's Car Talk. I definitely prefer the radio show, but E did some part time work on the tv series, so we wanted to check it out with some of the other crew. I think my favorite thing about it is the dog character, Zuzu, and am looking forward to an upcoming episode in which she is featured prominently.

My next update just might contain BIG NEWS. Stay tuned.


One Of Those Days


Bad news.

Potential stomach bug going around at work.

It's days like these that I love clicking over to one of my favorite online comics, Patches, and finding something that makes me laugh out loud. "Mush! Hamsters! Mush!" You just might want to do the same.


Don't Forget Me When I'm Gone

Life is getting super hectic. I'm hoping to make it through July relatively sane. I haven't been posting with any sort of regular frequency lately and that may taper off even more for awhile. There may be more short blurbs from the dogs in the near future. They're whining lately about the vet.

In the meantime, check out my adorable garden gnome:

His Place In The Sun


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