A Few Years Ago, Not Very Far Away

The SnarkyDork blog is three years old today! In it's origins, it didn't really have a focus and it still doesn't. I often ask myself, as I think many bloggers do, why do I even do this? It's certainly not to become "an internet celebrity*." So, what do I get out of my online home here on the web?
  • I sometimes share and get feedback on my photography.
  • I've met a lot of cool people and made some real friends who I hang out with in the real world. The internet truly brings people with common interests together and I think that is an amazing thing.
  • Since I've never been consistent at keeping a paper diary, the blog serves as a device to remember things like concerts and film festivals, etc. I obviously don't publish everything that goes on in my life, but a few long-distance family members have commented that they like to be able to read "what I'm up to."
  • I do get to practice writing, which I enjoy. I'm not a great writer, but putting words out in public certainly makes me more conscientious about checking and editing. And reediting. And editing some more.
  • While I don't do it as much as I'd like to, I have an opportunity to give some perspective on life in Los Angeles, my home for the past almost-fourteen years, the place I call home, the city I love.
Well, I'm going to be quiet again. I have A LOT of work to do to prepare for the upcoming Comic-Con. I'm sure I'll get some material out of that experience, which is always lots of fun. So, tell me, why do you blog?

*The latest issue of Wired magazine tells you how to do this, if interested.


Anonymous said...

I've always enjoyed the glimpse of life in LA your blog lends out.
Also, over time you do get a little glimpse of how people tick and it is what brings you back as you become interested in how their lives unfold.
I used to be a great letter writer to lots of friends around the world. Now I just blog it and hit them all in one go. Yay for the internet. Also, it can be a way of publicly venting ... and the nice thing about that is ... probably no one out there gives a damn. Something very attractive about that. Lol!
Sometimes, I get weary of it and then up pops something to inspire me again. But we can come and go as we please.
Happy 3rd Anniversary.

Anonymous said...

Well I like that you're doing it no matter what the reason!

For me I think the main reason I still keep it up is I use my own blog as a reference to see what happened the last year since I can't remember. :)

CelticBuffy said...

Woohoo! Happy Bloggy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Wow! 3 years! Happy blogiversary!

Darlene said...

Happy 3 year blog anniversary!

I never have any intention to become an internet celebrity, I just like to eat! But since I've been doing it sort of professionally for Foodbuzz now, I kind of hate blogging. It's like work when I would rather eat!

~**Dawn**~ said...

I blog for me. Because I enjoy it. And I like having a snapshot of who I am at any given point. It's crazy to go back to December 2004 & see how much I've changed. Bonus that I've made some awesome friends in the process. =)

Will said...

Happy Blog Birthday, without this blog I never would have met you.

The Mad Doctor said...

Yay for 3 years and many more!

I really enjoy your pictures, your concert reviews, and various links.

Nanette said...

I'm such a bad blog friend, so forgive me for chiming in so super late!

I love your blog for bringing us together as friends! Happy belated blogoversary!

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