Of Mice And Midgets

Today's the day. San Diego or bust. Due to my extraordinary skills of procrastination, I feel less ready for the San Diego Comic-Con International than ever before. My panic has started turning to excitement though as there will be friends I only see there once a year and online friends that I get to meet in person. So I'll be up late tonight making stuff in my hotel room while everyone else parties the night away. No biggie.

I will once again be yawning selling with the Tired Girl Collective (Small Press L5, in case you want to visit us). There will be the usual (well, with updates of course) wonderful items that the other girls provide. I'll still be pimping buttons, craft pom pom hamsters, and Hamster Haiku. I also have a couple of new items:

Amigurumi Craft Hamsters

This One Was My Favorite...


My New Book!


Squirrel Sonnets and other Rodent Rhymes is similar to Hamster Haiku. It's all original poetry and photos by me. It should be waiting for me at my hotel in San Diego. If it's not, or if it sucks, I won't be selling it.

I have been challenged by L.A. Metblogger Jason Burns to be photographed with a Darth Vader, a Cylon, and a midget*. Bonus points if we are all holding a drink. I take your challenge, Mr. Burns. We'll see how much time I can get away from the table to pursue this!

In the interest of more shameless self-promotion roll here, I've updated my Etsy site, where craft hamster goodness can be purchased. Also, I have a new site to promote my upcoming comic book Go Ami Go.

*E of course said to me, "Well, could you count as the midget?" Harumph!


Sarah said...

Hey your posts stopped feeding to my Google Reader! If you hadn't mentioned it on twitter, I never would have known. That's weird?

Anonymous said...

Have a great time!!!

Anonymous said...

Have fun and wishing you many, many sales and contacts.

Mr Maskrado said...

I bought Squirrel Sonnets at the San Diego Comic Con, and it's GREAT!

I'm a great guinea pig admirer, but I also love squirrels, capybaras, and prairie dogs.

The pictures were soooo cuuuute, especially the squirrel shots; are they from your backyard?

I'm currently working on a few guinea pig protest poems; mostly about the cage not being cleaned regularly, or being fed in a timely manner (things that are important to guinea pigs).

Well, good luck with your poetry books. Squirrel Sonnets was one of two bits of reading material that I bought at SDCC, and I've been showing it off to everyone I know!

Mr. Maskrado

Jodi said...

@ mr maskrado: Thank you very much for your kind compliments. I'm glad you like the book. I could not find an email address for you, so I hope you see this. Yes, the squirrel photos were all taken in my front and back yards. I have a good zoom lens and my neighbor gives them peanuts, so combined, I can get some good shots!

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