Numbers Dance

  • Miles we drove to and from Park City, Utah: 1, 399
  • Mountain goats seen on the side of the road in Utah: 3
  • Cowboys spotted herding cattle: 1
  • New tires we bought in Beaver, Utah: 4
  • Total number of people staying in our condo: 11
  • Condomates who became very ill: 4
  • Feature films that E and I watched: 11*
  • Shorts programs we attended: 2
  • Number of short films in each program that were good: 3
  • Celebrity sightings: 1
  • Free tickets that E and I got for screenings: 5
  • Number of times I was called a 'stupid whore': 1
  • Inches of snowfall in Park City during our stay: 0
*I'm short on time right now, but I will post info on the films we saw soon.


Anonymous said...

yay, you're back in blogdom! can't wait to hear your "stupid whore" story (i'm sorry that happened to you but i'll bet it makes for a good story)...
welcome back!

The Mad Doctor said...

Welcome back; I hope they meant "stupid whore" in a good way...

madretz said...

Yeehaw! Sounds like ya'll had a rompin' good time. Can't wait to read them details.

Alissa said...

What happened to your condomates and your tires?!

Jodi said...

Four of our condomates got really sick, that's all. They were passing it around. We didn't hang out too much with the initial carrier, so I think that saved us.

We were told (possibly scammed) that we needed new tires soon, at a point when we were heading up into the mountains and had several hundred more miles to go. It might have been true...we might have been ripped off...we didn't want to take the chance.

Brenda Griffith said...

So where's the 'Stupid Whore" story? Were you wearing the fishnets with red sequined high heels in the snow again?

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