(Not So) Naughty Naughty Kiefer

No, there was no touching and no alcohol involved (a couple of people asked!)...and it wasn't naughty at all, but almost four years ago, I shared a brief "moment" with Kiefer Sutherland. I met him at the MTR's 2003 William S. Paley Television Festival, which I've written about here before.

I'm not ashamed to admit that I became a big fan of Mr. Sutherland through 24. When the show first aired in November of 2001, I didn't even watch it. For some reason, we decided to record and watch a marathon of the entire Day 1, which ran Labor Day weekend of 2002. I was hooked. I couldn't wait for the next hour and I couldn't help but notice that Kiefer was more intense, sexier, and more mature* than in other roles he's been in.

Since 24 became such a popular show, it was no surprise that it was part of the 2003 Paley Festival line up. I knew from previous experience that the cast members on the panel will occasionally hang around for autographs and photos after the discussion. I was also well aware that it was not guaranteed and sometimes they leave immediately. Hardcore fans attend the event, from all over the country, and many come prepared with glossy 8x10 photos, t-shirts, or posters to have signed.

Not only did I not have any Jack Bauer or other 24 memorabilia to take with me, I like to be different anyway and thought it would be kind of funny to bring this children's book I have that's called Naughty Naughty Kiefer. It's the story of a naughty orange cat, Kiefer, who leaves "gifts" and "presents" for his family all over the house.**


When it was apparent that the cast would be greeting fans, I queued up with everyone else. Although I like many of the other actors who were on the show at the time, I was only interested in getting to Kiefer. And then it happened...our moment. I can't remember exactly what I said, if anything coherent, but when he saw the book, he smiled and laughed and said, "My daughter gave me this book!" I asked if he'd be willing to sign it, which he was. I'm sure I babbled more, but what I remember most is making eye contact and his smile. He was gracious and I appreciated that.


So that's my story. I'm not really the stalker type, but I have determined through various articles and interviews that Kiefer lives very close to where I work. Like I said though, it's not like I'll act on that knowledge.

*When I say mature, I am referring to his acting. I'd be hard pressed to use that term after seeing Kiefer's "performance" in I Trust You To Kill Me. Let's just put it this way: Kiefer-1; Christmas Tree-0.

**One of my naughty, naughty pets left me a "present" just a bit ago. If only it had been nicely gift-wrapped with a bow and smelled nicer, I probably would have been more appreciative.


Anonymous said...

that's a really cool story! it's pretty cool when you get to meet a public figure that you like... i will have to see if i can locate that book - the illustrations look really neat!

p.s. the word verification letters today are spelling "gashly" - that would be a good name for something...

SJ said...

Gotta admire people who say "I'm not a stalker but..." :)

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