One Neighbor's Trash...

Yep, there's a couch on my front porch*. A full-size, three cushion sofa. It's blocking the mailbox and almost the front door. I had to squeeze past it (and get a dog by too!) this morning. I did consider crawling over it, but I haven't cleaned it yet. Previously, I've mentioned a childhood history of redneck porch happenings that have left their scars mark. I really didn't think I'd carry on such white trash traditions as an adult.

There is actually a perfectly good explanation for this violation of good taste and decency. I'm not sure if I'm at liberty to discuss it here at this point, but I'll be shedding some light on it soon. I'm sure it was quite a sight to see me**, my white-haired elderly neighbor, and her very thin exchange student lug this beast from her house to mine. Well, I know it looked strange as another neighbor rushed over to help us when he saw the struggle.

*My "porch" is more like an area. It is not raised and therefore can not kill dogs if it collapses. So no worries there.

**I actually am pretty strong. In fact, an 8-year old boy that I was lifting on Saturday commented to his father, "Hey! Another strong girl!"


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