Soul Food

It's been a busy weekend. Rusty (yes, the dog) and I had to get up early both yesterday and today. This morning was for a really fun activity. We started a six-week "Wilderness Walks" class, which combines obedience training with local hikes. Good times. It's run by the same organization we've gone to dog camp with the past two years.

The Official Camp Scarf

Being out in nature, with a total of seven dogs, was a pick-me-up my spirit needed. As usual, I've overwhelmed myself with life by procrastinating. Also, a deep sadness has been hovering after Rusty and I attended the funeral of a good friend, H, yesterday. There were about ten dogs at the mass, including H's dog Shadow. It was a new, interesting experience, but didn't take away from the profound pain of losing a friend.


The weather was perfect for a nice hike, complete with practice of sit-stays, down-stays, etc. It was not too hot and the sky was blue with a few clouds. I ended up making a couple of trips back and forth in The Valley. When I left North Hills, I drove to Pasadena along the 210. The hills, stripped of any smog layer by the winds, were gorgeous! The clouds casted shadows that added to the beauty. Later, I went Downtown and then briefly back to Pasadena. As I headed west toward home, I soaked in the incredible orange sky, the afterglow of the sunset. Amazing.

It's really what I needed. Outdoor activity and communion with nature. Sure, I'm still behind on several deadlines and have a lot on my plate to deal with, but I feel a little more prepared to move forward. So, I recommend that you all hug a dog or go outside to play. I think you'll feel better.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like just what you needed to get rid of the sadness and cobwebs. Time out and "me" time is essential for survival ... no matter what deadlines we face. The scenery sounded inspiring and I bet Rusty had a ball.

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