Little Guy Update, Post Op Day 1

Just a quick update for those of you wondering how Little Guy is doing. If you don't know, I'll just briefly recap that he had a torn ligament in his left "knee" and underwent orthopedic surgery on the 15th. The doctor reported that the operation went well and he only had to stay over one night.

On The Way To The Surgeon
On the way to the animal hospital early in the morning on 1/15/09.

I picked Guy up around 6pm on the 16th. He was still hazy and didn't seem excited to see me, understandably. We made it home, with him whimpering the entire time in the back seat, and E helped me get him settled.

Post Op Day 1: Car Ride Home
Car ride home, post op Day 1.

The procedure Little Guy underwent has good outcomes. In order to get acceptable results though, you and your pet have to endure a 2-3 month recovery period of strictly limited activity. We made a little area with a dog bed, blankets, and a little fence in LG's favorite spot in the den. Not long after we got him fairly comfortable, he wanted to go for his incision. So, yeah, we had to break out the cone. I was hoping he'd be out of it enough for at least a day or two before resorting to that. Oh well.

Post Op Day 1: The Dreaded Cone
Not the cone!!!

Little Guy HATES the cone. Since it went on, he has been whining nearly non-stop for 8 hours now. I wish I was kidding. I thought by now he would have worn himself out and slept. Actually, he did that about twenty minutes ago and dozed for four minutes. I'm typing, Guy's crying.

Of course there is no denying that he is also in pain. He does have a lot of narcotics on board, including the dose he had an hour ago, and really wasn't acting like this until he got the cone. He still tries to shake off every half-hour or so. He just let out a big, pathetic sigh, which gives me hope that he's wearing himself out. I plan to sleep here next to him.

Thanks to everyone who emailed, left Facebook messages, and even sent cards (!) to wish Little Guy well. We have a long road ahead of us, but it will be worth it when he's up and around on squirrel patrol again. Also, don't worry that every post from here on out will be about the dog, his incision, the cone, etc. Some will, but definitely not all. I still have to tell you all about the cool Battlestar Galactica stuff I saw today and share the photos. I may just have time to upload them before the sun rises.


Unknown said...

So glad his surgery went well. I hope his recovery goes smoothly. *hugs* all around.

madretz said...

awwweee...poor Little Guy...I can imagine how hard it is to see him so out of it and sad. But very happy to hear that it went well and he is on the road to recovery. thanks for the updates.

Anonymous said...

I hope he will settle down and sleep it off. They want it all to be instantly back to normal ... just like us really.
Poor wee fella. I hope he comes right soon. That is quite a scar.

the slackmistress said...

Poor LG!

They have soft cones now - have you seen them? I don't know how they are pricewise, but I know they're more comfy.

ren said...

oh poor baby. you know i love the cone dogs, but not at the expense of their comfort. give him a kiss from me.

Anonymous said...

Poor Little Guy. :( I hope he feels better soon!

Brenda Griffith said...

Hugs to you and Little Guy, and here's hoping to a smooth recovery!

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