Nothing Changes On New Year's Day

Okay, well some things do change. Here in California, as of January 1st, minimum pay for computer professionals increased, the definition of a motorcycle was modified, and we can no longer text while driving. And that's just a few of the new laws on the books. Fortunately, we can still drink lattes, apply mascara, read newspapers, and clip our toenails while behind the wheel. Outlawing any of those would be downright oppressive.

One thing that unfortunately has not done an about-face is Proposition 8, that nasty ballot measure that amended the California Constitution to invalidate same-sex marriages. I usually try not to get too political here, but it really sickens me that my state cares more about farm animals than people who want to commit to spending their lives together. While the consequences have been vague, I learned tonight that legal action is in process to annul all of the marriages that took place last year. I care about a lot of people that are directly and indirectly impacted by this removal of human rights. The ignorance and hatred of it all is mind-boggling.

Hopefully, the amendment will be repealed. 2009 is the Year of Hope after all. I believe it will again become legal again for anyone to marry. I was thinking about the issue* as I recently discovered a beautiful children's book that alludes to the topic. It's so subtle, in fact, that I didn't even "get" it until perusing it a few times. Okay, maybe it's just because I can be rather daft.


I received Uncle Bobby's Wedding by Sarah S. Brannen as a Christmas gift from a good friend. Squee! Guinea pigs! How adorable. I thumbed through it a couple of times and then later in evening, I sat down to read the words. It just seemed like an ordinary tale of a girl who is jealous when her favorite uncle, Bobby, is about to marry another guinea pig, Jamie. Aw.

And then it clicked. Hmmm...Bobby and Jamie are both wearing tuxedos. And then there is the mention of "Uncle" Bobby and "Uncle" Jamie. Oh! I flipped to the cover of the book. Sure enough, there was the happy couple. Two male guinea pigs (made obvious by their attire) about to live happily ever after. See? Dense. Yet another thing that hasn't changed in the new year yet--my 'slowness.' Some things are just hopeless though.

*Other things that involve crazy chickens were also causing me to ruminate on the matter, but I'll save that for another time.


Keely Van Brocklin Emery said...

That book looks awesome... a must have for Zoe & Finn's library, I think. I with you on hoping prop eight gets overturned - we all deserve happiness. Happy New Year to you!

The Mad Doctor said...

You rule. I wish I could send that book to everyone who gave $$ to Prop 8.

They should come to my house and see the crazy homosexual lifestyle. Later today I'll be washing the floors and baseboards. We will also be going to (GASP) the Sprint store to get B. a new phone.

Bart said...

Prop 8 was, by far, one of the weirdest damn things ever. I never thought Cali would do something like that. Then, when I found out the whozits and whatzits of the late push to get it passed, I nearly coughed up a lung. I mean, the same people who would reaaaaaaaally love it for our government to allow polygamy are that much against gay marriage? Uh, daft much? You'd think they'd suck up their pride and take one for the team there, because if gay marriage is legal and accepted, the government might frown less on multiple marriages (though there I'd think it's more of a logistics issue than a religious one...but still).

Anonymous said...

So you will go on record that you support gay farm animals.

madretz said...

well said!

Anonymous said...

What a cute idea for a book ... I probably wouldn't have twigged either. Good for you.

Jodi said...

Mad Doc: I am SHOCKED!!! Deviants!

justJenn: Of course I support the rights of gay farm animals. They taste just as good as the straight ones!

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