Little Guy Update, Post Op Day 14

It's kind of hard to believe that it's already been two weeks since Little Guy's surgery. It's even harder to believe I'll have to go back to work on Monday. He saw the surgeon today and had his sutures removed. The doctor was very pleased with how his incision is healing and said the 'knee' felt good. Along with that came the strong reminder that Guy's activity must be strictly limited for the next six to ten weeks, which will be challenging.


I took the above in the parking lot at the vet. Little Guy was very happy that we were leaving and that the doctor told me he could keep the collar off. Well...that didn't last too long and he's back in the collar. He was good for a while, but then started really licking the incision. In the interest of protecting the healing he's done and not opening it back up, we had to take action.

So, yeah, he's coming along nicely. We just have to keep him quiet and inactive as much as possible. Hopefully the collar can really come off soon.


Unknown said...

Glad he is doing well :)

Anonymous said...

He looks chipper! Glad he's recovering nicely.


Anonymous said...

He looks like such a sweet dog.

The Mad Doctor said...

Yay! He's got a great smile!

Anonymous said...

Oh that's so good to hear. He will get trickier as time goes on and he starts to get nearly better. He'll wonder why his activity is still being curtailed. Good luck for back at work.

Bart said...

Good to hear. And it's nice you have a dog that pants. When we first rescued Elmo, I thought there was something peculiar about him, and it took me awhile to realize that he hardly ever pants.

madretz said...

He looks so loved! And that he gives a lot of love.

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