All I've got is a photograph, but it's not enough...

I've been organizing in our office and finding a lot of "treasures" that have made me laugh, cry, and smile. Magazine articles, programs from funerals, autographs from favorite bands are among the few things I've come across. A lot of the items, especially those from college, make me feel my age, but it's not a bad thing. I was amused by this photo from August of 1995:


The 12 of us in the photo, along with the person who took it, were gathered for a joint wedding shower for two of the women. This snapshot captured a group of amazing women and I feel so fortunate to have known all of them. At this moment, a little over 13 years ago, we were all co-workers.

Some random facts about those of us seen, and not seen, in the photo:
  • 5 of us still work together. Yes, at the same company.
  • 4 of us do not have any children (yet we all still work with kids).
  • 3 of us (+ the photographer) attended the out-of-state wedding of another in the picture ~11-12 years ago (and had a blast!)
  • 2 of the women are mothers of twins.
  • 1 person died 5 and a half years ago.
Lots of memories, along with some harsh reminders about the unfairness and brevity of life. I met up with the dear friend of mine who took this old picture for coffee this afternoon. It was awesome to catch up with her and her sister, who I'm also close to. We won't wait so long next time.

I suppose this post is a reminder to myself to keep in touch and nurture friendships. People's lives changes, they move on and away, so it's often not easy. Sometimes all you have left is a photo and it's just not enough.


Anonymous said...

i am really bad at keeping in touch with people. sometimes all you have left is less than a photograph even. so if you still know where they are, you should get in touch to say hi!

Jodi said...

@ambitious hamster: Yeah, so true. Well, I see 4 of them 3-4 times a week. Am in good, if not often, touch with 3 others. 3 more, not so much, but I'll work on that. The one, who was a very, very dear friend is unfortunately gone. And there is the one who I never really knew too well (or really cared to for various reasons) and I can pretty much bet no one is in touch with her. So, overall, we're doing pretty well.

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