Little Guy Update: 1 Week Post Op

Here's a brief update on Little Guy's progress since last week's surgery.

Little Guy is
  • In much less pain. He's still on some meds, but less.
  • Tolerating his "pen" that we set up in the hallway.
  • Sleeping through the night.
  • No longer whining and moaning for hours on end.
  • Pooping (as of yesterday)! This is a post-surgery milestone.
  • Much more comfortable in his inflatable e-collar vs. The Cone.
Post Op Day 7

It's still going to be a long couple of months and I'm carrying him in and out for every potty break. We've definitely come a long way in a week though.


Anonymous said...

What a brave little guy and well done so far. He won't know himself when he is out of that collar.

madretz said...

good news. i can imagine how hard it must be, but it's great to hear that he's definitely getting better.

Anonymous said...

yay, glad he's doing a little better!

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