1 Month Update

Little Guy had his 1-month follow up appointment with the surgeon this morning. The doctor is very pleased with his healing up to this point. The collar is off, which will hopefully help his grumpy mood improve.

1 Month Post Op

He has one more month of strict activity restriction, aka doggy jail. If all is still well at that point, he'll move into the next phase of recovery, which is one month of gradual return to "normal" activity. I have a feeling it take a bit longer for Guy as his left rear leg muscles were quite atrophied before the surgery due to him not really using that extremity much.

Overall, it's all good news and my efforts at being very strict at minimizing standing, walking, etc. are paying off thus far.


Anonymous said...

He is doing so well. I'm so glad he has the collar off ... he will enjoy that little bit of new found freedom.

ren said...

yay! i am glad he's trucking along. i bet he can't wait to get going again.

Unknown said...

That is great the collar came off. Hope the rest of his recovery goes great :)

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