Smells Like Wet Dog

Today I bathed two of our three dogs. This included clipping claws, trimming the hair that grows between the paw pads, and brushing teeth. I started with the biggest, furriest, and dirtiest dog, Cosette. She's my nearly 14-year old, arthritic American Eskimo Dog, who hates the process, but who loves to prance about after and show off her clean, fluffy coat. She takes the longest to dry, but is fairly cooperative through the whole thing.

Cosette Sunbathing
Cosette sunbathing in the back yard recently.

Next was Rusty's turn. He was, by far, the most in need of a good washing as he was emitting some kind of unpleasant odor. He may be our least furry, smallest, and generally most easy going dog, but not when it comes to bathtime. I had to wrestle with him to get the paws taken care of and then keeping him in the bathtub was quite a challenge. He is also not very fond of the hair dryer and wiggled his wet body all over the bathroom in an attempt to keep away from it. Rusty smells great now though.

Rusty Scupper
Rusty can be a serious little dog.

So after the two grooming sessions, I was out of doggy shampoo, covered in water, sweat, and fur, and just plain exhausted. I did at least brush poor Little Guy's teeth and that will have to do for now. He and I share a special day tomorrow, but he will just have to be a little unkempt for it.

Little Guy
Little Guy, my birthday buddy.


Anonymous said...

Wishing you and the Guy a beautiful and peaceful birthday!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say hi and Happy Birthday.

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