Dream A Little Dream

When I woke up this morning afternoon, I had a text message that Duran Duran was playing at a Trader Joe's, somewhere in the greater L.A. area. Granted, it was hours earlier, but it was a nice gesture. It reminded me that I had a dream with a couple of the band members (Nick and Simon) Friday night. It was a strange dream and lots of weird things happened, most of which I don't remember. One thing I do recall is looking at a black and white photo of Nick Rhodes and me at a funeral. My Mom was in the picture too, but I have no idea who died. When I told E about it, he insisted he must have been the one who had died, but I remember him being in the dream too.

I did wonder why in the world I was dreaming about Duran Duran, but then I remembered I'd read a few pages in the biography I'm reading before going to sleep. Besides, Nick Rhodes is still dreamy after all these years, so why not?


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