Continuing Education

This past weekend I learned that if you drop a tin of cinammon flavored Altoids into the dogs' water bowl, you can dry the mints in the microwave. It's brilliant and works much better than the hair dryer. Go on, try it!


ren said...

remind me not to ask you for a mint.

SJ said...

Ok, I need a dog, a microwave, a bowl of water, a hairdryer and some cinammon flavoured Altoids.

Brenda Griffith said...

I gotta go with 'throw them out'. What he heck were you doing trying to dry them? And how do you know it worked, did you try one after? Ew!

K. Marie said...

Wait: Are you trying to tell me that dog water and cinnamon Altoids magically alter the chemical makeup of aluminum, making it safe to microwave?

Because surely, SURELY, you didn't microwave dog-water-saturated mints in an effort to save them.

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