Delicious Autumn

Anyone who knows me knows that I love living in Los Angeles. Having resided in several different places, it is my favorite and the home I've had for the longest time, twelve years in a couple of weeks. I'd have to say that the one thing I do miss the most, especially about the Northeast, is autumn. The prompt for this week's haiku challenge got me thinking about this. Here's what I posted on my photoblog yesterday:

'Delicious Autumn' for one deep breath

Boston in the Fall

A few years ago
October trip to Boston
Such autumn delight

I miss the autumns
Of my past in the Northeast
Cool, crisp, colorful

Santa Ana winds
Hot and dry fire starters
Blow in Southwest Fall


Trip to Faulkner Farm
To pick out the best pumpkin
Took a hay ride too

The tree in my front yard usually does turn red and gold before the leaves drop, but it just isn't the same. Maybe I need to take a drive north this year.


Anonymous said...

Colorado is nice :-)

Autumn is my favorite time of year, so it was nice to get a sneak peak visiting Denver last week. The leaves were just beginning to change and the morning temps were in the 40's.

Y'all make sure all of those fires are put out before next week - I'm going to Santa Ana/LA...

SJ said...

I like living in a proper four-season place. I miss autumn too. Here it just seems to leap from boiling hot summer to freezing winter within 24 hours

madretz said...

When we moved to N. California, I was surprised at how much fall color we get. Certainly nothing compared to the east, but more than I remember living in LA or in the desert.
It's still warm though, everything is still green. The magic doesn't really happen till November.

Scribe LA said...

What a fun haiku! Coming from the Pacific Northwest, I too miss the Fall. But I love living in LA, too, and find that trips to other great areas - like New England - keep the spark of the seasons alive, without having to give up the fabulousness of 70 degrees year round.

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