Not Always Antisocial

I actually went out with some co-workers for a couple of hours after work yesterday. I know that doesn't sound like something unusual or exciting, but it is something I rarely do. There are various reasons for this that include the fact that I often have other plans, I'm not invited to some of the outings, and I sometimes choose not to go, depending on who is.

I work in a fairly large department, that is primarily staffed by females. And yes, it often turns into a junior high school atmosphere, complete with cliques, drama, gossip, and other general unpleasantry that I just want to run from at the end of the day. That's not to say that I don't genuinely like many of these women. In fact, I'm quite good friends with a few of them.

Ten of us walked from work, past the strip club on the corner, to a local tapas eatery. We told stories, laughed, and generally had a very good time. I stuck to diet soda, but several people enjoyed the sangria, which was apparently quite tasty and a little potent. The food seemed wonderful too. I only had a very small something to eat as I knew I'd be having dinner with E later. Besides, I went along more for the company and laughs.

So, who knows? Maybe I'll go out with some of the workplace gang a little more often. Especially if it includes members of the group from last night.


Anonymous said...

Glad you had a good time...mmmm..sangria.

Kristin said...

Funny, I can't imagine not having drinks with my co-workers. Restaurant people are like that, I guess.

SJ said...

When I go out with work I always leave early, deliberately. Not just because I see these people 45 hours a week anyway, but I've been there done that with getting drunk and making a fool of myself with people I work with! Now I leave early to avoid this :)

Anonymous said...

I have almost nothing in common with the people I work with now, and consequently I never get asked to do anything and I probably wouldn't go anyway. I don't drink, but in my previous 2 jobs we'd go out after work and it's nice to just hang out and get to know people in a different environment. I miss that! I'm glad you went.

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