What Would You Say?

I'm not really sure what I want to say today. Sometimes inspiration hits me on topics to discuss and I even jot notes on paper. But later, the moment is gone and I just don't do it. Some things I've been thinking about recently:
  • The process of trying to sell my old car. A friend requested that I blog about this and probably will when it's over. (Will it ever be?)
  • Various things I've seen on the side of the road when driving to work. Some were dead. Probably not interesting to anyone but me.
  • The sick feeling I'm experiencing over the announcement of Duran Duran collaborating with Justin Timberlake. Even more confounding is the fact that I seem to be the only person in the world upset by this. Justin Timberlake? Come on.
  • Another night at the Hollywood Bowl last night. No, I probably won't write much on that as the show was a little lost on me. It was Video Games Live, which is cool if you are into that sort of thing.
  • I liked Ren's post the other day that updated us on what she's reading, listening to, watching, etc. I basically blogged in her comments, but still may do this as a post.
  • Halloween costume ideas. Ack! I'm at a loss right now, although my work costume will probably be decided for me and I may just boycott. Yeah right, I wish I was that punk ass to actually do it. I'm sure I'll be the good little worker bee and do what I'm told.
  • A serious topic like politics, religion, or the environment. Actually, I'll probably just keep it light and fluffy. I don't think I'm articulate enough to write about the important stuff.
  • Oh yeah, and I got a parking ticket last night. Bummer.


Anonymous said...

Rule #1 for HamsterGirls: BE punk-ass and boycott bad Halloween costumes. It's in the by-laws, honest - you have The Committee's approval.
Although someone at your work was kind enough to make your hamster a quilt...
Tough call.

Jodi said...

AND...I work with kids, so I will really look like a jerk if I don't participate as it is really for them (or it's supposed to be).

And that cool person who made the hammy quilt had the sense to quit shortly after...

ren said...

you are plenty eloquent to say whatever you want.

but i say go with the things on the side of the road.

i once spent a whole week freaking out everytime i saw the "love doll" that happened to be wrapped around a guardrail on an exit near my work. every day i thought that there was a naked, startled woman by the side of the road.

(i used to work near a peep show/"juice bar". I SAID NEAR! NOT IN!

ren said...

oh, hey, that reminds me, if you like "skinny dip" you should check out some of his other books, they are all basically the same, but still very funny.

and you should watch dr. who...just sayin'...

SJ said...

Tell us about the parking ticket :)

madretz said...

Totally LOL!!
Give into the JT. He's everywhere. ;)

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