Sunday Sundries

A couple of mornings last week, I took a different route to work. Instead of hopping on the 101 near Lankershim and Cahuenga, I took Barham and got on the freeway further south. On both days, I had side-of-road sightings. The one day it was a dead, young coyote. It was pretty intact from my vantage point and looked like it was sleeping. Sad. On the next trip I made over the hill, I spotted a perfect loaf of challah, wrapped in plastic a la Laura Palmer. I was briefly tempted to pull over.

I mentioned before that we went to Video Games Live last Thursday night. I took the Bowl shuttle and E met me there, as he was already in Hollywood. After the show, we walked to E's car and went to one of our favorite late-night places for a bite to eat. The food is great and the comic book/sci-fi decor is fun. However, the service is notoriously slow. Knowing that, we brought free weekly paper in to peruse upcoming events, etc. We finally wrapped up dinner and got back to the lot where I'd parked. As we pulled into the huge, empty space, save for my little xA, I noticed a humongous sign that stated "No Parking 1 am to 5 am." It was 2 am. Dammit. I'd been in a hurry to get to the bus earlier and didn't even see the sign. So, yep, there on my new car was a parking ticket. So, I know how I'll be spending part of any birthday money I receive next week.

After sleeping in and getting a much later start than planned on Friday, we headed out to Pomona to check out this year's L.A. County Fair. It was fun, but a little disappointing as we missed seeing the baby farm animals, my very favorite thing to do there. We did manage to catch the last pig race of the night and ate some of the not-so-healthy food. E played a couple of midway games and won a few cheesy prizes to add to our collection.

Yesterday, I took an intensive work-related and am actually quite sore today. Luckily, the class was small and we got out a little early. I was able to nap a little before Totally 80's at the Hollywood Bowl. ABC opened, which confused me because I thought they were headlining. Anyway, they were great and Martin Fry sported an awesome bright orange suit! Next, The Psychedelic Furs performed second and were much, much better than last summer in Orange County. Richard Butler's voice continues to slay me, after all these years. The Human League wrapped up the night with a brilliant set. They were the one act I'd never seen live, so it was a real treat. I have to say that the only thing that I really disliked about the night were the between band bits that Jane Wiedlin hosted. It was mostly bad karaoke with out-of-sync lyrics.

I was up early this morning to spot-clean and show my Jetta to a potential buyer (keep those fingers crossed for me!) I'm now thinking I'll round out my day with a wee nap before running some errands and doing some laundy, bill-paying, and other assorted chores that are not so fun.


Anonymous said...

That 80s show sounds like a lot of fun. I used to go bike riding with Roger Morris, who was the original guitarist for the Furs. He told lots of funny stories about their early years. He said it was wasted youth, but tremendous fun.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I should have came a day earlier - the 80's show sounds like a blast. Nothing too cool happens on a Monday...

Scribe LA said...

Good luck selling your car. Not a fun process, but I love car shopping, so hopefully it's a wash or better :-)
I have a 2003 Jetta that I love so much I'm thinking of keeping it even when I have a driver and a fabulous array of cars. Although, I'm not one of those people like on Cribs who needs twelve thousand cars to feel cool. I just know that I'll probably want more luxury as I get older than the car I got when I graduated college. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Anonymous said...

I've loved my old Jetta for a long time, but I'm over it. I love my new car, which is hardly luxury, but sort of feels like it since it's so new....and I have power windows for the first time ever!

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