So maybe I haven't gotten into The Doctor, but I am finally catching up on Firefly. I'm enjoying it very much, but was admittedly reluctant at the beginning. You see, I was never really a Buffy fan and am not part of the "Joss Whedon is the most clever guy EVER" club. Perhaps I'll go back and watch that series some day and then reconsider membership. Also, Firefly had been really built up and hyped to me, which caused me to be a little wary. I am learning that it was loved and supported by so many people for good reason though. It's dramatic and funny, even absurd at times, with interesting characters that continue to amuse and surprise me. Check it out. I hope you won't be disappointed either.

* Update: I just watched the episode "Jaynestown" tonight and they mentioned hamsters! How can I not love this show?


ren said...

yeah, mostly i think you just never want to belive that something i like could be good.

feverblue said...

I loved Firefly. But then, why not? Joss Whedon is the most clever guy EVER.

SJ said...

Saw the movie. It was ok.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Great new look! :)

Brenda Griffith said...

Oooh Firefly! My favorite! Made the mistake of seeing the movie first. If you haven't, save it till the end. I know Ren never got into it, but I liked Angel better than Buffy. I am just not into poor pitiful me whiny girls and she spent several seasons like that.

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