Life Seems To Have PMS Too

This is the first Labor Day 'holiday' weekend in ages I'm not working, and I have a cold. Dammit!

It looks like I will have to work next weekend though, so little Ami may not get to defend his Hamster Ball Derby champion title, which he really doesn't have, and most likely really didn't win.

I've dragged my feet on getting a new car that gets decent mileage. Today, my 'check engine' light came on in the car I'll be selling or trading in. Oh yeah, and the a/c is still broken too.

I didn't buy tickets to see The Killers in October and the shows are sold out. I've wanted to see them live for ages and even had a code for a presale. D'oh!

I think I'll just go eat some dark chocolate.


madretz said...

My check engine light was on for 2 months. The husband (who probably [hopefully] won't read this) didn't want to take it in because since the beginning of June, we only had 1 car and although both of us work at home, he thought we couldn't be carless (whatever). His has been at the mechanics for almost 3 months to get the...a/c fixed. I finally forced him to get my car checked because I'm driving to Anaheim in 2 weeks. Miraculously, his car was ready this morning, too. Anyhoo...check engine lights, a/c stories....just had to share mine, too because *I FEEL YOUR PAIN*.

Bring on the chocolate. It'll help with your cold. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better soon.

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