Hamsters, Start Your Balls!

Something about that title is just so wrong that I have to leave it. It looks like my schedule is going to work out for this weekend and I'll be able to only work half a day on Saturday. That means that Ami will get to compete in the Petco Hamster Ball Derby again! Luckily, such silly, dorky things amuse me. I started "training" Ami-Ham a little last night, which is possibly one of the most absurd things I've ever done. I set up a bit of his track and had him run back and forth in the ball a few times, commanding him to "Go!" Afterwards, he got some fresh carrot as a reward. Tonight, I think I'll have one of the dogs chase him in the ball to increase his speed.

Okay, I'm going a little overboard here, partially in a lame attempt to bait Ren to leave a comment here. It's been ages! She's probably too busy watching Dr. Who or being a far cooler dork than I'll ever be.


ren said...

dork. (happy now?)

Jodi said...


Anonymous said...

good luck on saturday, i'll be cheering for ami! (ginger sends him a big blond hamster-girl kiss!)

Anonymous said...

Good luck Ami!!!

madretz said...

Love the title. Totally LOL. But then, stores like "Do It Center" crack me up.

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