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Now Reading:
  • Savoring: Duran Duran: Notorious. I've been reading this since I received it as a gift last Xmas. I'm a slow reader, but taking extra time with this on purpose. Oh, and that reminds me that E bought me another Duran Duran book recently. I shelved it for now. It's mostly gorgeous photos that I perused, but there are some words to go back and read too.
  • Lite Fare: Skinny Dip. Loaned to me by Ren. Good, fluffy fun. Friends have been telling me for years to read Carl Hiaasen. I spent a little over two years in Hell Florida and his books are set there. He obviously has an affinity for his home state, but highlights some of the idiocy there too. I really don't like Florida and am sad that so much of my family has migrated there.
  • Book Club: Genie: A Scientific Tragedy
  • . True account of a "wild child" who was discovered after 13 years of confinement to a very small room. She was studied at the place where I work. I only just started it last night, but am intrigued so far.
Now Listening:
  • Barenaked Ladies Are Me.
  • As discussed previously, the new Barenaked Ladies album. I'm drawn to the songs Ed Robertson sings lead on, but am also enjoying the sweet Kevin Hearn tune "Vanishing," which is about a magician.
Now Watching:
  • Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. This the first Aaron Sorkin show I've ever watched and I really like it. I agree with Scribe LA, who noted that it might not play so well outside of the Coasts. And possibly won't last. Well, I'll enjoy it while it does. I was surprised and thrilled that John Mauceri was on this week's episode.
  • I've been rewatching Serenity, while listening to the commentary by Joss Whedon, and am about halfway through.
  • My Name Is Earl. Maybe it's my redneck past. I don't know, but it makes me giggle.
  • Mostly, I'm looking forward to new seasons of some of my favorites:
    • Lost: Next Wednesday, October 4th
    • Battlestar Galactica: Next Friday, October 6th!!! Enjoying the webisodes on SciFi's website in the meantime.
    • 24: Not until January, 2007? Bummer! Looking forward to appearances by James Cromwell and Eddie Izzard.
    • The Shield: Rumored to be starting up again in January, but I haven't seen official confirmation.
  • In terms of film, I'm looking forward to seeing Idiocracy, the new Mike Judge film. We heard him talk about it at Comic Con and some friends have recommended it. Also, The Prestige, directed by Christopher Nolan, looks really good too.


Anonymous said...

Studio 60 might not last? Really? Aww, I hope so. A local d.j. was saying how he keeps hearing that Sorkin's shows are all so smart but he figured out that he just makes everyone talk really quickly. Pretty funny.

Anonymous said...

We saw "Idiocracy" when it was in theaters a few weeks ago. It was only out for about a week and then it went away. But it was really funny.

Peeved Michelle said...

I love My Name is Earl but part of my enjoyment is derived from trying to figure out where in the Valley each scene is taking place. I love how whenever they have to drive somewhere, they use the same stretch of Woodley Ave by the park.

Anonymous said...

Don't give up on Fruits Basket :)

I also recommend Demon Oronon..only four vol,so pretty short. Also Full Metal Panic!

When were you ever a redneck??? LOL The redneck in the family is me...that is what happens when you live in N.C. for so long LOL

Still haven't caught Serenity again, but keeping an eye out.

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