Give Peeps® A Chance

So, I don't have any co-workers who will discuss the season finale of Battlestar Galactica with me, but we will bond in other ways. I've discovered that several people, who I actually like, share my love of Peeps®. When I picked up a prescription earlier tonight, I stocked up on some of the sugar-coated marshmallowy bunnies and chicks. I even left them in my car so I wouldn't be tempted to eat them before getting to work.

I'm keeping the black jelly beans all to myself though. Seriously.


SJ said...

By Your Command

Anonymous said...

my favorite "easter" candy would probably be malted easter eggs. or the chocolate eggs w/peanut butter inside. basically, it's gotta have chocolate. or be a cookie.
enjoy your peeps, yo!

ren said...

hey! hey! i like black jelly beans too, you know! you COULD share with me...if you were a NICE person....

Anonymous said...

Do you eat your Peeps stale? That is how I like them. :) Oh you have some in common with my jelly beans.

Jodi said...

>s.j.: Thank you.

>ac: I don't even celebrate Easter, but damn, I love its candy!

>ren: Of course I'll share with YOU. You aren't a co-worker. I have to limit how nice I am to those people.

>dianna: Yes and fresh and roasted...just about any way. And she likes stale Peeps taught me her trick of putting them in the freezer (so you have something in common w/her too!)

Will said...

Peeps are damn awesome.

Brenda Griffith said...

While cleaning out the pantry last weekend I found some opened lavender peeps from last year. I don't think it was their lavenderness that rendered them inedible... Are you going to do the turpeepen again this year? (Or was that Ren last year...?)

We have six episodes of Battlestar on Tivo right now. I can't even imagine what they have come up with since we last watched.

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