I'm A Sweepstakes Winner Or Something Like That

Here we go again. More embarrassing photos from 1985/86. Drill Team was a big deal in Texas and making the team was very exciting for me. Instead of regular P.E. class in 9th grade, I had "Drill Team Training." Over the course of the year we prepared to try out for the team. I made it and regret that I only had one year at that school.


The photo on the left was taken at home, in one of our old uniforms. And without the hideous makeup we had to wear. We were required to wear blue eyeshadow and red lipstick. Eek. There were a lot of other rules too, like no underwear under our uniforms. There was an "underwear check" before performances. Besides performing at the football games, we went to summer camp and to competition in the Spring.

drilltm3 copy

We performed four routines in a statewide competition in early '86. I made it into all four routines. We did really well and won "Sweepstakes," meaning we placed first in each of the categories we had entered. The photo above was taken during our highkick routine, which I think was to "Gloria." I'm under the arrow. The girls in the white uniforms were officers.

drilltm4 copy

We made the local paper. If you click on the photo above, you can see it larger. It's weird to think that nine years to the day of that article being published, I got married. It was a far thought from my mind at the time.

I found a couple of things in the notebook I passed back and forth with a friend related to drill team. She was also a member, but did not go to the competition, so I was kind of updating her.
Kristi wasn't a grouch at practice. I was shocked. We booted Susan and LaTonya out of the dance. They're so unreliable! It was a "group decision." Well I need to call Carol for some legwarmers and I have a shitload of homework to do.

I don't know about "Gloria." I'll probably go ahead and be in it. We're going to suck at contest. These routines look like SHIT!

We're going to miss the pep rally Friday 'cos of San Marcos. BUMMER! But since we'll be on pep rally schedule we'll leave during 6th and I won't have to get eligibility for Alg. since I'm failing.*

SWEEPSTAKES! Can you believe it?
*I'm not sure if I was actually failing Algebra, or if I was just being dramatic.
See, like I've said before, I've always been a dork.


SJ said...

And underwear check? I'm trying to imagine them getting away with that nowadays... :)

Anonymous said...
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Jodi said...

It was Texas. We also still had capital punishment and kids would get beaten with wooden paddles in the Principal's office. Charming place. Not.

madretz said...

Fun post, totally cute pics, too!

Total flashback for me, too. I was in tall flags and we had the fringe on our sleeves, too. And a white plastic cowboy hat. And tall plastic boots. We may not have been in Texas, but our famous resident was Roy Rogers afterall.

Anonymous said...

hey, in that middle picture, those "shoes" look a lot like white boots - did they have fringe, too?
yee haw...

ren said...

oh...uh i was in an indoor colorguard, which i think was a little different...we got to wear underwear.

we were also a little more punk rock although i dig the cowgirl hat. our required make up was a stripe of fuschia all the way across our eyes.

we never won anything though...not surprising really.

Will said...

That LaTonya was the worst dancer. Hot pics.

Anonymous said...

You should take a picture of the 'Now' and put it next to the 'Then'. Same outfit. Or at least stand like that. One knee out is always sexy.

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