What's In My Bag?

Last summer, I showed you what was in my purse. In addition to a purse, I usually carry a tote or messenger bag to work. Today, it was a black bag that E got for me at a Scion event. No photos (too lazy), just a list:
  • 9"x11" sketch book (essentially empty)
  • Delta Society Team Training Manual
  • Envelope of Rusty's medical forms and vet receipts
  • Bark magazine-April 2007
  • Dog Fancy magazine-May 2007
  • A bookmark from a friend that she got during a recent trip to Cuba
  • Paste magazine-April 2007
  • L. A. Times Calendar Weekend with Rainn Wilson-03/22/07
  • My Go Ami Go tote bag
  • Partial package of yellow bunny Peeps® that a co-worker gave me
  • 1/4 of a Diet Coke®
  • Starbucks coupons that can only be used in May
  • Lart's 3-in-1 Book (sketch, to do, notes) (small)
  • No One Cares What You Had For Lunch-blog idea book
  • Pencil and eraser
  • Postcard from one of my high schools asking me to update my info
  • A lemon
  • A red gel pen
  • Spiral notebook (medium with dogs on it)
  • Referral for a chest Xray. I still need to schedule that.
  • Another reminder from my high school
  • The World According To Humphrey-book about a hamster
  • Printout of an email with my password for a discussion forum
What kind of crap do you carry around?


Anonymous said...

Since I just cancelled my stupid L.A. Times subscription I would like to see that Rainn Wilson weekend, please. I do love the My Fave Weekends. I am waiting for them to ask me to do mine. So far no one's called.

ren said...

i did it. go look. i have a lot of crap in my bag!

Anonymous said...

mine is a boring bag ... keys (sometimes), purse, diary, pen, tissues, lippie, mirror, comb, chq book, face shield fo emergencies, ummm, oh and the kitchen sink!

madretz said...

Your messenger bag holds a lot. I guess they do, but with every book/magazine you mentioned I just kept thinking about how much your back must ache. :)
(listened to my first American Life podcast - it was great, very interesting! Thanks for turning me on to it. Gotta go back thru the archives to find the one on the squirrels.)

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