After a crappy start to the week yesterday, I got a reprieve. Due to my PDA recently crashing, and the fact that I rarely back it up, I totally forgot that I have to work this coming weekend. The upside to that is that I have today off! So, I got a bit of rest and took Little Guy to the vet.


My sweet, soft-as-a-bunny Little Guy has been limping off and on for a good two weeks. Sometimes, he wouldn't put weight on his rear left leg at all and he's had spasms of his left hindquarter too. Since it wasn't going away, I wanted to get it checked out.

Little Guy on crate arrest.

Luckily, the news is good. It seems his hip was partially dislocated and the vet thinks she put it back in when she was examining him. His Xrays were fine, so we were sent home with an anti-inflammatory and 10 days of "strict rest." So, Squirrel Patrol in the back yard will be left solely up to Rusty for now, as Little Guy will be spending most of his time in his crate.

Rusty, Chief Squirrel Patrol Officer


Anonymous said...

hope he feels better soon - he is so cute!

madretz said...

Another one of those parallel universes moments: I had to take the cat to the vet because she was having spasms in her hindquarters and favoring her right side. Took her to the vet yesterday (Tuesday). She has arthritis (she's old, 16) and was given anti-inflammatory, but aside from that she's very healthy.

Sorry about having to work during the weekend and the busted PDA, but I hope your weather has been as wonderful as ours has been up here.

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