Is There A Tooth Fairy For Dogs?

Apparently, I want to ensure that my veterinarian's kid goes to a good college. It seems like I've been at the animal hospital every week lately. I was up early this morning to take Rusty in for some dental work. He had a deep cleaning and five teeth extracted. I knew a couple that were loose were going to be pulled, but did not realize so many would come out.

When I picked Rusty up, later in the evening, he was still pretty loopy from the anesthesia. He freaked out during the whole car ride home. He's doing fine now and has been pretty perky. He has been able to keep a small meal down and is now kind of sleepy again.

Post-op Rusty

My fears of his snout and mouth looking deformed did not come true. He is as adorable as ever. Not that it would matter. I'd still love him.


SJ said...

How much would you have left it there were a Fang Fairy?

Jodi said...

Maybe 5 dog biscuits, one for each tooth he had pulled. Granted, he's on a soft food only diet for the next several days though.

Nanette said...

Aww, poor Rusty! I bet he'd still be just as cute with Doggy Dentures! :)

Scribe LA said...

Glad Rusty is recovering:-)

Peeved Michelle said...

Did you ever decide on a new dog food?

madretz said...

awww...poor pups. I can imagine your concern. :(

Mandy said...

love the dog

I've added your blog to my links



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