Don't Stand So Close To Rockville

10:29 PM

Text Message from my 20-year old brother, Kyle:

Who do you like more...The Police or R.E.M.? Mom and I are debating.

I responded:

I don't know. They are both so different. It would be like picking your favorite kid. Oh, I'm seeing The Police twice this summer.

10:48 PM (from Kyle):

I know! You're so lucky!

Yeah, I know. I am lucky to be Mom's favorite kid. ;-)


Brenda Griffith said...

No question. And that was even before I moved to Georgia.

SJ said...

When Sting was an annoying kid I wonder if he was called Prick? :)

Jodi said...

>Brenda: That was my gut response seeing as I've been a fan of theirs almost since the time The Police broke up. I have a hard time picking favorites though.

>S.J.: Not a fan, I take it?

Anonymous said...

R.E.M. hands downs!!

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