On Rejoining The Human Race

It started yesterday. When I woke up, I left the bedroom and even moved my laptop back into the den. Then later that evening, I showered, put on a little makeup, and left my house for the first time in a week. Well, I'd been out to the back yard with the dogs and moved my car once, but I actually left my property. And it felt pretty good! I was armed with cough drops and tissues. I survived and even dare to say, had fun. Maybe more on that later.

I slept pretty well last night too, without the aid of codeine, and decided to run a few errands this afternoon. I got my bangs trimmed, returned some chairs to a friend, dropped a couple of bags of clothing off at Goodwill, and picked up some dog food. It was a beautiful, sunny day and it felt great to drive around with windows down while listening to a special pledge-drive version of This American Life. Oh, how I've missed driving my little car!

I returned home with grand plans of a back yard photo shoot with the dogs, multiple loads of laundry, and house straightening. I got out my camera and lenses and immediately put them away. I started one load of laundry, but the house remains a bit of a mess. Frankly, my outing exhausted me and reminded me that I'm not quite 100% well yet.

Dread about returning to work on Monday is already starting to set in. Even though I am feeling much better, I do still have quite a cough, which worsens when I talk a lot or do physical activity. My job involves a lot of talking and quite a bit of physical activity, much of it strenuous at times. Also, I think I'm returning to the start of two of the nine pending maternity leaves, so I'll probably have extra work on my plate.

I think I'll embark on a well-deserved nap. The laundry can wait.


madretz said...

glad to hear that you're feeling better. getting outside in the nice weather is refreshing, too, i know! but exhausting at the same time. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Alissa said...

Don't drink the water. :)

Nanette said...

Welcome back to the human race. We've missed you! :)

Anonymous said...

glad you are feeling a little better - those coughs can be hard to get rid of sometimes...

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