All Of My Kids Have Four Legs

I know some people get upset when others compare their pets to children. I get that. I do. Though some comparisons can be made, it is obviously not the same. However, I do find it amusing that while Jenn was being awakened by her crying baby at 4:30 this morning, Rusty was jumping on my face, which is his way of telling me he needs to go out. It is not a pleasant way to wake up and it was windy and damn cold outside. It does beat the alternative of him taking a crap in the house.


Younger Leo said...

Both lovely!
Regards. Younger Leo Blog

Anonymous said...

Mine has 4 legs & a tail too! Black and fluffy and mooches at 5 am when she wants out. Her cold nose shoved in your face at that hour of the morning is no fun ... nor when she twitches her whiskers at me and I think its a spider crawling over me. What a way to wake up. Meow!

Anonymous said...

my kid has 4 legs too. i guess adopting a cat when she is 6 could be compared to adopting an older child - you take on the result of someone else's parenting least i don't have to put this kid through college. but on the other hand, i can't get her to do the dishes, either.

Peeved Michelle said...

Do you have a yard or do you have to talk your dog for a walk when it has to GO? The only time we have a problem is on trash day when the dog is afraid to go outside because of the noisy trucks. Otherwise, we just let her out and she comes back in when she is done. It also helps that she is crate-trained - seems like she can hold it for ages.

Anonymous said...

My Kid does not have four legs. Cause that'd just be f*ed up.

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