Don't Be Sad 'Cause Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad

As you may have gathered from my post title, Ami did not win his 3rd Hamster Ball Derby that he competed in today. To say that he even "competed" is a bit of an exaggeration. Even though he's been running around in his ball like crazy at home and training on a track, he didn't budge during the race. It was pathetic. There were a lot more hamsters in today's event than in the previous two, so he was immediately eliminated.

I'm so glad no one came out to cheer on my inert little rodent.


Brenda Griffith said...

Oh, Ami. They just don't perform on command do they? Jessie once participated in a "diaper dash" and, needeless to say, she didn't dash anywhere either! Time to retire to stud like all the good racehorses.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear he didn't win. There is always next time :)

SJ said...

My inert little roent sometimes doesn't perform when I want it to either - especially when I've been drinking hahaha. Kidding :)

Anonymous said...

well tell ami that we all love him anyway and wish him luck with derby #4, whenever that is!

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