Dear mp3 player,

Please do not malfunction again. I rely on you to play pleasing music or podcasts for me when I can no longer bear the lack of entertaining radio in L.A. I'm happy that my live-in tech support guy was able to get you up and working again, but what the hell? Were you in cahoots with my laptop, so that I also had no access to it for most of the weekend? A long weekend.

I had photos to upload, blogs to read, blogs to update, writing to do, merchandise to order, plans to make. Okay, so I did some writing on paper (egads!), got a few crafty things done, mowed the lawn, read a couple of chapters in my book club book, took a few naps, and got caught up through Episode 11 of Heroes. But still. I feel behind on so much.*

I enjoyed our time together in the car this morning. And no, I did not break you on purpose, as I was accused, in order to get one of those iPods. I like being able to just dump straight mp3s onto you and have them play, no problem. So, apparently I misunderstood about iPods and mp3s, but I still don't want/need one. No iPod for me thankyouverymuch.


*Yeah, I need to get a life. I know.


SJ said...

Um - you can dump straight mp3s onto an iPod too...

Nanette said...

What is this "paper" you speak of? Is that some invention from the future? Big in Japan?

Brenda Griffith said...

One of my upcoming tasks is to get the iPods fixed. Dave got me one for Christmas of 2005 and it is already broken from carrying it in a canvas bag with some other stuff. The screens in the video ones are REALLY fragile, REALLY expensive, and not covered under the warranty (which didn't matter anyway as it was just over a year old when the screen broke). The older one (a 15 gig or some other model they don't even make anymore) needs a new battery, it's juiceless. *Sigh* Stick with your MP3.

Yvett said...

Reconsider on the iPod. I hear that Hamsters love them. :P

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